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Sliding doors provide a beautiful, space-saving alternative to traditional swing doors in office lobbies, small private offices, medical exam rooms and any place space is tight. Not all sliding doors are created equal however.

There are certain characteristics you should look for in sliding doors to be sure you’re getting a product that will last, that will meet your clients’ requirements for security, ADA compliance and soundproofing, and will provide the right look and feel for the space.

Style That Matches Any Architecture

Are your clients looking for the warm look of natural wood? Or perhaps a more sleek contemporary aesthetic with aluminum and large lites of decorative or frosted glass? Or perhaps you want to create an interior space that brings the outdoors in using large panels of clear glass that maximize daylighting and visual communication with the elements outside of the building.

AD Systems Doors can readily integrate a wide range of door types and finishes to suit your project’s design intent and there are small details that set the system apart from competitors when it comes to quality and fit and finish. The door jambs wrap wall construction for a more finished appearance and aesthetic appeal.
Top-hung sliding doors with a concealed bottom door guide provide a clean look while minimizing trip hazards and interruptions to flooring materials. The doors slide flush along the wall minimizing the amount of floor space required for door opening while still offering enough space for base to run uninterrupted behind the sliding doors.

Doors that Coordinate with Office Décor

With AD Systems sliding doors system, your design is not constrained by limited options. Decorative glazing, resins, solid infill panels, markerboards, magnetic glass, integral blinds and other glazing options, along with a variety of hardware solutions create the look and functionality you want.

Sliding Doors That Meet Soundproofing and ADA Requirements

Law offices, doctors’ offices, medical exam rooms and HR offices in corporate buildings may all have strict soundproofing requirements to maintain confidentiality and privacy guidelines. AD Systems Doors feature optional acoustical seals and automatic door bottoms for enhanced STC performance, achieving maximum acoustic isolation based on independent testing.

The doors also meet ADA requirements for opening force and can be designed to accommodate bariatric or other large opening requirements. Choices of soft-close, self-closing and fully-automated doors are all ADA compliant, satisfying a range of occupancy requirements.
Additional hardware features include ADA compliant thumbturn privacy locks, self-latching hardware, keyed access and maglocks wired to card readers or occupancy sensors.


There is no “cookie cutter design” when it comes to today’s offices, and doors are an integral part of the use of contemporary space. With a broad range of product solutions and options, AD Systems can help deliver the functionality and design intent your project requires.