locking sliding doorAnyone who’s ever worked on a facility design project knows that they must address a number of issues. Increasingly, designers and architects turn to sliding door systems to resolve one of these concerns. When it comes to a locking sliding door that really performs, one name stands apart: AD Systems.

This Washington-based company has produced state-of-the-art sliding door systems since 2009. You can find their doors in hospitals, corporate offices, and other institutions across the country. What do they have to offer? Let’s take a look:

Locking Hardware for AD Systems Sliding Doors

AD Systems doors are available with a wide range of ADA-compliant locking hardware including:

The hardware options don’t stop there — AD Systems doors accommodate key card readers and much more. In fact, AD Systems has a variety of doors designed to fit every institutional need.

What Kind of Locking Sliding Door is Right for You?

AD Systems engineers their sliding doors around a core set of high-performance features. The company’s three models of doors emphasize different aspects of their design for an optimal range of applications. Whatever your requirements, AD Systems has a door that meets those needs:

  • ExamSlide™: AD Systems’ healthcare-oriented sliding door solution.
    • Comes standard with four-sided acoustic seal for maximum sound control
    • Customizable sizing and finishes
    • No floor track means equipment carts and wheelchairs move smoothly
  • OfficeSlide™: The perfect sliding door for the corporate world.
    • Sound-resistant design minimizes workplace distraction and protects confidential information
    • Available with a range of profile and material choices
    • Saves up to 30 square feet per door on office floor plans
  • InsetSlide™: A new approach to sliding doors.
    • By popular demand, a door and sidelite that fit into the wall opening
    • Sleek, flush look that complements any aesthetic

The Sliding Door Experts

AD Systems’ track record of excellence speaks for itself. These and other prestigious institutions chose AD Systems’ doors to suit their specialized needs:

These institutions chose AD Systems’ doors for their impeccable design and impressive versatility. Without exception, these doors continue to perform to this day. (For additional exciting projects, visit AD Systems’ project gallery!)

Ready to investigate what AD Systems’ locking sliding door systems can do for you? They’re ready to help. Call AD Systems at 425-374-1360 or use their contact form to get in touch.