Commercial sliding doorscommercial sliding doors are suitable for a variety of applications, giving design professionals the opportunity to add great value to their renovation and new construction projects. The steady improvement of sliding door systems is transforming the way professional environments look and feel and making a positive impact on their overall operations. In turn, this has led to a substantial increase in the installation of sliding systems over traditional hinged swing doors.

AD Systems is proud to be a leading supplier of commercial sliding doors in healthcare, office and educational settings. The company’s wide range of products are innovatively designed and manufactured to provide architects and developers with the highest functioning and most aesthetically pleasing interior solutions.

Sliding Barn Door Product Features

The commercial sliding doors supplied by AD Systems are constructed to answer the design challenges presented by hospital exam rooms, medical clinics, patient restrooms, and corporate office environments such as collaboration spaces, phone rooms or private offices.

Products are designed to fit the needs and architectural style of each individual project, so clients never have to compromise on their vision.

There are several attributes that make AD Systems’ sliding barn doors the superior choice for commercial application. They have a large selection of finishes, materials, glazing, and ADA-compliant hardware options available, which give architects and designers the chance to put together a system that helps reach the comprehensive goals of their projects. One of the biggest benefits of these door systems is how they directly contribute to a more efficient use of space than swing doors. In addition, the top-hung design allows for greater ease of accessibility and focuses on safety by eliminating exposed floor tracks when compared to other types of sliding door designs. AD Systems also uses soft-closers as a standard feature to prevent slams and reduce maintenance.

Acoustic and Glass Door Offerings

When installing commercial sliding doors from AD Systems, architects and designers are given the ability to enhance their construction plans further by incorporating systems that show a high level of acoustic performance. Sound mitigation is crucial in settings where privacy must be protected and productivity is at risk from distractions. AD Systems standard acoustic jamb gaskets and innovative frame design help towards the goal of maintaining speech privacy within a room and as well as keeping disruptive outside noises from filtering in. If even more privacy is desired, the doors can be specified with an optional drop seal to further enhance acoustical performance.

AD Systems Offers Expert Guidance in Choosing the Right Commercial Sliding Doors

The experts at AD Systems work closely with architects, designers, contractors, and business owners to achieve full success on the final results of a project. Those who specialize in the development of healthcare facilities and office spaces, in particular, find the company’s guidance invaluable when faced with the task of choosing the commercial sliding doors that will most suitably fit the unique requirements of a specific layout. They understand how to balance strict building codes and regulations with the client’s desire for a functional and attractive environment.