sliding barn doors Since its inception in 2009, AD Systems’ experts have worked diligently to provide barn door solutions for the commercial construction market that stand out from any other product available. They continue to evolve as a company, utilizing innovative tactics and resources that have led to the production of sliding barn doors that are aesthetically appealing and remarkably functional. These doors feature:

  • ADA Compliance
  • High Acoustic Performance
  • A vast selection of hardware configurations and door and frame finish options
  • Soft Closing Technology
  • ¼”-1” Glass Options

AD Systems is also happy to offer architects and designers CAD and Revit files that can be incorporated into their drawing sets. These can easily be requested by filling in the online form provided on the website.

Nationwide Projects

From coast to coast, many commercial construction projects have been successfully brought to fruition with the incorporation of sliding barn doors from AD Systems. In states across the nation, architects and designers have turned to the company repeatedly to assist in developing architectural plans for some of the most sophisticated medical and office facilities in existence.

Industry Application Specializations

Though AD Systems has been a part of a wide variety of commercial construction projects, there are a few industries, in particular, in which they have had great results with the installation of sliding barn doors.

  • Hospitals: Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require architects and designers to follow strict regulations in their construction designs. They have specific needs that must be met in order to create the ideal environment for both patients and healthcare staff. Sliding barn doors have proven to be beneficial in hospitals, as they offer ways to save valuable floor space, increase patient privacy, and enhance safety. Mountain View Hospital and Group Health are two examples of how their sliding door systems have made a positive impact on medical facilities. AD Systems sliding doors are used primarily in outpatient, restroom and clinic locations within medical facilities.
  • Patient Restrooms: When it comes to designing patient restrooms, unique challenges often arise. There are safety concerns, as well as considerations for patients using wheelchairs and other assistive devices. The wide opening of sliding barn doors can turn what is typically a tight space into one that is much easier and safer for patients to move through.
  • Office/Tech Facilities: Efficiency is a top priority for most workspaces. By installing sliding barn doors, facility owners and managers will gain a number of advantages that don’t come with traditional swinging doors. When sliding door systems are utilized, the amount of square footage needed can be reduced, which cuts down on costs. Space can also be used to its maximum capacity, leaving more room to add equipment and furniture. In addition, these high-performing acoustic doors will help to keep distractions to a minimum in a busy workplace. The project completed at Coastal Community Bank is a good representation of how sliding barn doors can improve an office or tech environment.

AD System’s Sliding Barn Doors

Since the company’s beginning, AD Systems has been dedicated to supplying architects and designers with the industry’s finest products. Numerous commercial construction projects have already benefited from their high quality sliding barn doors, and they look forward to continuing to serve that community.