interior sliding doorsInterior sliding doors are trendy in contemporary residential design, but they have a wide range of commercial and institutional applications as well. As facility designers continue to prioritize space and efficiency, they’re looking carefully at the benefits these doors affer. Their efficient performance and aesthetic appeal make them an eye-catching addition to the 21st century office and clinic.

Since 2009, AD Systems has led the pack in producing interior sliding doors for institutional clients. Their high-performance, precision-manufactured door systems include exclusive features that address common sliding door issues and create exceptional value. They tailor their door systems to the needs of corporate and medical clients — here’s a look at what they offer.

Interior Sliding Doors for the Office

Contemporary office design requires that a “corporate” space be just that — a physical area, every part optimized for its role. A firm’s space must reflect its unified purpose and mission. That’s the philosophy behind AD Systems’ OfficeSlide™ doors. They’re purpose-built for the contemporary office, with an array of features that set it apart:

  • Space-saving design provides more usable floor space. Swinging doors require up to 30 square feet of floor space in order to open and close and allow for approach clearances.
  • Flush design and acoustic mitigation technology prevent unwanted sound transmission that can distract employees or compromise sensitive information.
  • Soft-close technology ensures a smooth close every time and prevents slamming.
  • Variety of appealing finish and hardware options available for aesthetic harmony in any office design.

Washington’s Coastal Community Bank opted to integrate the OfficeSlide into their new headquarters design, with spectacular results. Their offices flow seamlessly and brim with natural light, creating a great environment for both employees and clients.

Sliding Doors for the Interior of Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are some of the world’s most demanding environments for architectural hardware. That’s why AD Systems designed the ExamSlide™ specifically for hospital and clinic applications. The ExamSlide is uniquely suited to the needs of contemporary medical facilities:

  • Standard equipped with a four-sided acoustic seal for maximum privacy protection while still complying with ADA guidelines for operation and force
  • Easy to operate and clean thanks to heavy-duty rollers and easily accessible top-hung track system.
  • No exposed floor track means fewer obstacles for equipment carts and wheelchairs.
  • Increased space efficiency allows more spacious and comfortable room design for patients and staff.
  • Available with a range of locking and other hardware options for security and privacy

Salt Lake City’s Mountain View Hospital is one of AD Systems’ most ambitious and most successful projects to date. The hospital incorporated the ExamSlide as a vital part of their responsive, patient-centered approach to healthcare. (For more inspiration and ideas, try browsing AD Systems’ project gallery.)

If you’re wondering what interior sliding doors can offer your facility, call 425-374-1360 or use AD Systems’ quote request form. It’s time to demand more from your doors.