interior sliding doorsAD Systems makes door systems for a variety of different industries. Each consists of interior sliding doors that can improve the functionality of both the business and its employees. Their OfficeSlide™ system is made for corporate offices, while ExamSlide™ is ideal for healthcare facilities.


Corporate offices – especially in industries such as tech or the law – need a certain amount of privacy. And, when many people are working in a confined space, this can be difficult to achieve. Therefore, this is one of the major benefits that AD Systems interior sliding doors offer. These doors have tested acoustical performance that is a substantial improvement over typical sliding doors. People having private conversations or in meetings will not have to worry about sound traveling outside the room. Sound control is also excellent for preventing noise distractions from entering a room.

Another big advantage of indoor barn doors is that they do not intrude on a room. Without an obtrusive swinging door, this makes much more of the total square footage available. With the high cost of floor space today, this type of significant space savings is an important consideration! In fact, the extra floor space is a major benefit. It provides extra space for staff, visitors storage or furniture or allows you to get more offices, meeting rooms, or other service spaces into the same floorspace.


Medical facilities can also improve their operations with sliding doors. People will immediately discover how easy they are to open and close. These doors have many options in both materials and hardware. Most important in a healthcare facility is the ADA-compliant hardware, which allows everyone easy access. Also, hardware with various security features, such as key card entry, is important in today’s world. They also have a soft close feature so they do not pose any sort of danger or additional noise. Additionally, these doors open very wide, which makes access simple for wheelchairs or equipment.

The same acoustical qualities of the OfficeSlide system apply for ExamSlide doors. A common concern in a hospital is noise, but these doors do a fantastic job of blocking it. Noise won’t be an issue for a patient in a room with sliding doors. Therefore, whether resting or discussing issues with a doctor, there is no concern about sound entering or leaving the room.

High-Performance Interior Sliding Doors from AD Systems

AD Systems produces high performance interior sliding doors for both corporate offices and medical facilities. This gallery shows the solutions that AD Systems doors have provided to several different businesses. Companies can obtain more information on these door systems by calling 425-374-1360 or sending an email to Also, you may request a quote using this form.