interior sliding barn doorsSliding barn doors seem to be the trend in new-builds and renovated interiors. They look beautiful when used in the interiors of some home fixer-upper TV shows. However, do they have a place in professional establishments? AD Systems believed they did and started designing them for professional businesses, educational institutes and medical establishments. They have created interior sliding barn doors that are high-functioning and stylish.

What are Interior Sliding Barn Doors Anyway?

The most obvious feature of sliding barn doors is they slide open along the wall instead of swinging open. Thus, they provide a space-saving design that saves significant space per opening when compared to traditional swinging doors. AD Systems offers either flush wood or laminate doors or options with full or partial glass lites for transparency and light transmission They come with various hardware and locking options. AD Systems designed multiple styles of sliding doors to accommodate a variety of establishments.


OfficeSlide™ doors are ideal for personal offices, collaborative spaces and conference rooms. They come standard with noise reduction features. This is a tremendous bonus for companies that require more privacy, such as banks and law firms. Every company has a need for areas with acoustic integrity, in which they can discuss financial, operations and human resources issues.


ExamSlide™ doors are the result of AD Systems’ engineers incorporating feedback from the medical community into the design. This system’s features are perfect for clinics, patient restrooms, medical office buildings, free standing ER facilities and other healthcare applications. As a result, these doors have the beauty of traditional custom barn doors, yet measure up to healthcare standards.

Sizes and configurations are customizable. These PDFs have all the information on the width and height measurements for single and bi-parting pairs. Both styles of doors come on a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system for smooth movement. Moreover, this barn door track system is maintenance-free. Additionally, there is no floor track to impede foot or equipment traffic.

Barn doors and pocket sliding doors are similar in their space savings but have different track installations. The difference is barn doors are visible when open and pocket doors slide into the wall when open. AD Systems designs and manufactures pocket sliding doors. However, the sliding barn door style is more popular for maintenance and aesthetic reasons. Both types of doors are recessed sliding doors. Meaning, the frame and barn door track are flush with or barely visible in the interior or exterior wall.

Benefits of Interior Sliding Doors

ExamSlide and OfficeSlide doors come with many functional, ADA-compliant, security and aesthetic features. Their high-quality finishing options meet most all professional establishment needs.

  • Standard soft-closing operation – This is for noise and slam reduction.
  • Acoustic performance – These doors have a tested acoustical performance up to NIC 39.
  • Hardware options – There is a hardware choice to suit all styles of interior décor.
  • Multiple choices in locking mechanisms – KeyCard entry or ADA-compliant locking and latching are options for these doors.
  • Add-ons – Integral blinds or switchable privacy glass, marker boards, or customized integral lighting are a few of these options.
  • Door options: flush wood, wood with glass lite or aluminums stile and rail with glass lites are all possible for the door leaves. Virtually any type of glass or other glazing material can be used as an infill panel for the doors themselves or in adjacent transoms or sidelites.
  • Different material options for stiles and rails – Choose from a selection of wood and aluminum flush stiles and rails.

Why Choose AD Systems?

For almost a decade, AD Systems has designed and built custom interior sliding barn doors for various professional establishments. They continue to improve their products by listening to the needs of building owners, architects and contractors. Their desire to stay current and to meet customer needs allows them to be at the top of their industry. A view of their past projects is a great example of what they can do for any interior space.

AD Systems is happy to answer any questions about their custom barn doors. Contact them today to begin an interior door-updating project in an office building, educational institution or medical center.