interior sliding barn doors A contemporary commercial office space has vastly different demands than a typical residence. One thing both building types shares in common however, is a need for good solutions for tight spaces. Many of today’s commercial occupancies are taking a page from residential construction in employing sliding doors in areas such as private offices, phone rooms, small meeting rooms and mother’s rooms where there simply isn’t enough space to allow for a door swing and all the other furnishings and functionality that is desired within the space. These interior sliding barn doors that are used in commercial office spaces are however a far cry from the problematic pocket doors we typically associate with residential construction. Contemporary sliding barn doors by companies such as AD systems are of extremely high quality construction, don’t suffer from the operational problems and have many more functional and aesthetic offerings than a flimsy pocket door.

With the selection of interior sliding barn doors that is available today, medical facilities, offices, and other types of businesses have all the options they need to find or customize the exact look they’re going for. AD Systems helps to make sure architects, designers, and facility managers receive quality sliding door systems that fit within a range of project budgets. For years, the company has worked with national and international clients to introduce barn door products into the commercial sector at high performance levels. The installation of interior sliding barn doors can have a positive impact on the overall layout of an environment in the following ways.

Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Surrounding

Barn doors are simply more attractive than traditional swinging doors. They come in a wide variety of materials,  styles, colors, and finishes for a visual appeal that is designed to perfectly complement any commercial space. Sliding doors are distinctive in many applications and mark an aesthetic upgrade to the simply functionality of a door.

Offer Space-Saving Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of interior sliding barn doors is that they present commercial projects with space-saving solutions. These doors are top hung and slide in front of the wall, so there is no “pocket” to be constructed and there is a dramatic reduction in the amount of floor space that is required for the door. Swinging doors take up valuable room because they must be able to open and close without anything in the way, leaving many empty spaces in offices, hospitals, retail stores, etc., where other furniture or equipment could potentially be placed.

Allow For Peace and Quiet

Many commercial environments require their design plans to be sensitive to acoustical needs. Traditionally, pocket doors or other barn door have had little to offer in the way of acoustic performance. Interior sliding barn doors from AD Systems allow architects to give their clients this peace and quiet, as well as privacy, with products that are built to curb sound transmissions from filtering in and out. So, whether it’s a doctor’s office concerned with patient/doctor confidentiality or a law office taking into account attorney/client privilege, AD Systems’ barn doors provide an acoustical solution.

Interior Sliding Barn Doors from AD Systems

 It is important to keep pace with product improvements, and now is a good time to revisit what is possible from a design and performance standpoint with interior sliding barn doors. The team at AD Systems will be happy to supply you with system details, revit models, performance data and project information that helps you to evaluate if this “new, improved” sliding door concept is the right fit for your project.