interior office doorsCreating the ultimate design for office space is an exciting endeavor. As soon as your idea develops within a  blueprint, you are fashioning a completely new world. Moreover, a world that employees and clients will enjoy for many years to come. In this endeavor, you have many choices to make so that you can create a cohesive environment. Among those choices is selecting the best entryways inside and out. Early on, you must decide whether or not you prefer glass doors or wood doors to complete your vision. Incorporating glass within your interior office doors is a popular and wise strategy.

Why You Should Choose Sliding Glass for Your Interior Office Doors

Obviously, in most industries, privacy is key. Especially, this is true for finance or tech sectors. Ultimately, it’s the case in nearly any facility at one time or another. However, with the newest technologies available, you can now have the privacy that wood doors offer by using versatile materials. For example, sliding doors made from glass provide many benefits.

First, sliding doors in general save space. Since sliding doors hang on tracks near the ceiling, they open and close against the wall. Therefore, you can place office furniture a few inches from that space. Furthermore, sliding systems allow you more versatility as to how you use your space. Leave them open when you need more usable area. Or, close them when you wish to create separate rooms or meeting spaces.

Second, glass doors allow you to maximize the use of natural light. This is imperative for many reasons. Foremost, it saves energy. Using daylight rather than electricity to light your facility reduces cost for years to come. Also, studies show that natural light is actually beneficial to cognitive abilities and reduces fatigue. Consequently, choosing to design your office space with glass rather than wood doors enhances productivity as well.

Finally, you still have privacy. AD Systems’ engineers developed a system that provides high levels of acoustic performance for both flush wood and doors with laminated glass lites. For a conference room, this is imperative. Discussions stay exactly where they belong, behind closed doors. But, in the end, glass doors create an ambiance of openness literally and figuratively. Most importantly, AD Systems creates doors that shield visibility as well when needed. There are many levels of glazing options that can provide necessary privacy, while not blocking natural light. Films, integral blinds, switchable glazing and decorative glass treatments can help you design the right balance between privacy and visibility for your space.

AD Systems’ Sliding Door Solutions

No matter your facility, AD Systems has the right solution for you. Their primary product lines include ExamSlide™ and OfficeSlide™.


Designed for higher performance in the workplace, OfficeSlide is perfect for offices and conference rooms. Standard features include:

  • Fully customizable sizes & configurations
  • Single or bi-parting pairs of doors
  • Flush wood, aluminum or wood stile and rail doors
  • Standard soft closers
  • Tested acoustical performance up to NIC 39
  • Smoke rated options per UL 1784


If you are already familiar with AD Systems, then you will recognize their ExamSlide doors. During the design phase, engineers worked closely with the medical community. Their goal was to ensure that they would offer ADA-compliant options and other features required in healthcare settings. To differentiate its unique design, they gave it a new moniker to match its performance. For healthcare projects that require functions above and beyond traditional sliding door systems, they match your needs. These door systems are ideal for:

  • Clinics
  • Patient Restrooms
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Free Standing ER Facilities
  • Various Healthcare Applications

Regardless of your needs, AD Systems has a variety of interior office doors solutions. For more information, check out their gallery of completed projects. Today, contact them for a free consultation and they will help you include door systems on your blueprint. Or, call them at 425-374-1360 to discuss your next project.