interior glass barn doorsSliding door systems are currently one of the most popular trends in commercial design. However, unlike typical trends that come and go, this one might be expected to grow in demand rather than fade away. This is especially true when it comes to interior glass barn doors. The addition of glass incorporates a modern and elegant touch that is right at home in the commercial interiors environment. When these top hung doors are paired with interior storefront partitions, the result is a natural solution to many of the layout challenges architects and designers face when creating plans for a commercial project.

AD Systems recognizes client needs as they relate to barn door systems for commercial applications. They are a leading supplier of sliding door systems for the medical and corporate office projects. The company’s attractive and high-performing interior glass barn doors have been incorporated into a wide variety of commercial new construction and renovation jobs nationwide.

Space-Saving Capabilities

One of the biggest reasons barn doors are being increasingly favored over swing doors is their ability to save a substantial amount of space. Installing these systems in place of traditional hinged doors allows space to be maximized and leaves valuable square footage open for more efficient use. Each sliding door can save up to 30 square feet of floor space when it replaces a hinged door. This is an essential aspect of commercial design because of the rising costs of space for professional operations. Moreover, glass naturally gives the illusion that spaces are larger than they are, which helps to further reduce the feeling of a cramped and overcrowded room. As open plan office designs continue to dominate, it is increasingly important to create some private spaces such as phone rooms or small collaboration rooms and more often than not it means those rooms are extremely small, every inch of available space is needed for furnishings, technology and people.

Benefits of Interior Glass Materials

  • Acoustics: Once of the top priorities in corporate and medical settings where privacy is paramount is the impact of acoustics. AD Systems’ interior glass barn doors address this concern by sealing perimeter gaps to achieve high STC ratings. Door systems are designed to provide a high level of sound mitigation and successfully keep conversations confidential, while at the same time preventing loud noises from disturbing the peace and quiet of an enclosed space. Specifying laminated glass or specialty acoustic laminated glass improves acoustical performance over what is possible with typical monolithic glazings.
  • Natural Light: The integration of interior glass barn doors permits a greater amount of natural light to shine through a building. As an instant mood enhancement, this is beneficial to both the productivity of office employees and the recovery of patients in medical settings. An additional effect of an increase in natural light is the decrease of energy consumption and utility costs.
  • Style: Glass barn door designs are sleek and provide professional environments with a more contemporary appearance. There are many glazing and decorative glass options to choose from to make a space as unique and private as a client desires. Glass doors blend beautifully with any architectural and décor style and are a timeless feature that adds class to any application within an office or medical facility.

AD Systems Offers Advanced Solutions for Interior Glass Barn Doors

Since entering the industry in 2009, AD Systems has remained committed to offering innovative barn door products that are advanced beyond the technology of other systems. The company’s wide range of exclusive glass door systems gives architects and designers the opportunity to develop contemporary and aesthetically appealing interior spaces no matter the requirements of their specific project. The interior glass barn doors supplied by AD Systems are the definition of quality and durability for long-lasting results.