glass barn doors The rising costs of constructing and maintaining commercial spaces have changed the way architects, builders, and facility managers create interior layouts. As they look for more cost-effective and space-saving solutions, they must also remain committed to developing environments that are functional, attractive, and compliant with strict building codes. Fortunately, glass barn doors have provided just the answer they’re looking for. These door systems are designed to meet the needs of any commercial application, particularly corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

Why Glass is a Favored Material for Commercial Door Systems

Glass doors help to produce more desirable professional settings that appeal to employees, patients, students, and visitors. Below are some of the advantages of installing glass barn doors.

· Natural Lighting: Glass gives natural light the ability to filter in and shine throughout a building. In turn, this will reduce the need for artificial lighting, making facilities more energy efficient and lowering their utility bills. Natural light also has a mood-boosting affect, which will rejuvenate employees and students for better productivity and lift the spirits of patients to promote quicker recovery.

· Transparency: Glass doors encourage transparency within workplace settings. Many owners and designers are opting to make their interiors more open to facilitate team building and employee collaboration. In hospitals and clinics, the addition of glass makes it possible to monitor patients without causing a disturbance.

· Elegance: Glass complements any architectural style and is a material that is timeless. It is beautiful as much as it is practical, and will leave commercial environments with a sophisticated look and feel.

What Makes Barn Door Designs Superior to Swing Doors

Barn doors provide an aesthetically pleasing and modern enhancement to any commercial space. Here are a few of the top reasons they are ideal for office, medical, and school construction projects.

· Increase Usable Space: While glass alone will give professional environments the illusion of being bigger, glass barn doors will actually increase the amount of usable space a facility has. Whereas, swing doors need sufficient room to open and close, sliding door systems just glide along the wall. The installation of barn doors will give interiors up to 30 square feet of additional floor space with each installation. That space can then be utilized in a much more efficient manner.

· ADA-Compliance: The larger width and trackless floor design that barn door systems offer makes it simple for architects, builders, and facility managers to meet ADA requirements for public buildings. This allows bariatric patients and those who rely on a wheelchair or walker to pass through doors safely and easily without having to navigate around a bulky, burdensome swing door. In addition, the wide opening means sizeable objects can be moved in and out of different areas with ease.

· Improve Acoustic Performance: One of the biggest concerns when designing for the commercial sector is the acoustic performance. Glass barn doors address this and minimize the transfer of sounds from room to room by combining integrated acoustic laminated glass products into well-sealed doors such as those by AD Systems that have a high NIC rating. This will improve the overall comfort of an environment, decrease distractions, and improve privacy.

-Design Options: There are almost infinite varieties of glass that can be specified: colored, textured, laminated or other types of decorative glass or functional solutions like integral blinds, x-ray shielding glass or switch vision glass.

Architects & Builders Choose AD Systems’ Glass Barn Doors for Premium Quality

AD Systems specializes in supplying sliding doors to the commercial market and has a wide range of choices available when it comes to glass options. Architects and builders turn to them for glass barn doors that will boost the value of their projects and function with little maintenance for years to come.