interior barn doors Interior Barn Doors

Medical facilities can vary greatly, from smaller doctor’s offices to moderately-sized walk-in clinics and grand hospital structures. No matter the size or services, the primary objective of all these is the same – to ensure that patients receive the best care and treatment possible. In order for this to happen, every little detail must be taken into consideration, from concept to creation. No longer just an afterthought in the design process, door systems can make a significant impact on a patient’s level of comfort and the employees’ ability to navigate the corridors efficiently and with ease. Fortunately, interior barn doors are providing just the element architects need to make accommodations for these concerns.

AD Systems understands that healthcare institutions are held to an especially high standard when it comes to their design, and in turn, so are the professional architects challenged with the task of creating these spaces. There are many regulations and guidelines to which the design of new construction must adhere, all while creating a layout that supports patient and staff safety, advancements in technology, and a budget-conscious industry. The interior sliding barn door systems delivered by AD Systems can be counted on to help architects achieve all this and much more.

Combine Style With Functionality

There are many material and finish options from which medical facilities may choose in order to make their interior barn doors a distinctive design element. Flush wood or laminate options exist as well as wood and aluminum stile and rail doors that use glass to provide visual communication or lighting to spaces. In addition to the aesthetic advantages of sliding doors, they also provide an extremely functional solution. The top-hung design gets rid of the need for floor tracks, which can create hazards in maneuvering large equipment or to users requiring mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers that have to be maneuvered through doorways.

Offer Durability and Safety

The interior barn doors from AD Systems are designed, engineered and fabricated for use in the demanding healthcare environment. Solid and sturdy while still sleek and elegant, these low-maintenance hanging door systems incorporate a number of features, such as dual soft close dampers, that increase reliability or reduce wear and tear on the system.

Fit Within Space Requirements

Having enough space to fit multiple exam rooms, employee workstations, waiting rooms, and everything else needed in a medical facility can be the most challenging part of an architect’s job. Interior barn door systems allow the architect to fit doors into their design without having to allocate the extra floor space that’s associated with swinging doors. For institutions that are working with limited dimensions, this is especially ideal. However, this space-saving solution puts any facility at a major advantage no matter how much room they have. With the high cost per square foot of new buildings, saving floor space by utilizing interior barn doors vs. swinging doors is a cost-saving benefit.

Architects that are assisting clients with a new medical building or renovation will benefit greatly from adding interior barn doors into their layout plans. AD Systems is able to modify any standard door system design to suit the desired specifications of any facility.