interior barn doorsCompanies need to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to their operations. They should always be on the lookout for ways to make improvements and get a competitive advantage. Office design typically isn’t thought of as something that can help in this department, but it plays a big role. For example, interior barn doors can augment many different types of businesses.

How Interior Barn Doors Benefit Offices

AD Systems created OfficeSlide™ specifically for corporate environments. These barn doors have a design that can help improve productivity. This is due to their enhanced acoustical qualities effectively block sound. When closed, these doors can dramatically reduce acoustic transmission compared to other sliding door systems. As a result, the din from an office will be minimized. With a reduction of noisy distractions, this will enable employees to be more productive and satisfied with their work environment.

The sound barrier in interior barn doors is also excellent for companies that need to keep information secure. In-person conversations or those over the phone will remain private and confidential.

How Indoor Barn Doors Help Hospitals

ExamSlide™ is similar to OfficeSlide, but engineered for healthcare facilities. This system has the same noise-blocking abilities, which is especially important in a medical setting. Patient privacy is a critical factor in healthcare settings, as well as providing patients with a quiet environment to attend to their wellbeing or rest and recover. Plus, because these doors slide along a top-hung track, they operate very quietly. In addition, unlike swinging doors, they can’t slam shut due to their soft-close feature. Perhaps the single biggest benefit to these doors however is the considerable amount of space they save compared to swing door systems. Thus, more room is available for equipment, staff, furniture, or storage space. As more healthcare facilities enlarge door openings to accommodate bariatric patients or specialized equipment, the space savings offered by sliding doors becomes more apparent.

Barn Doors Enhance Aesthetics

Barn doors can vastly improve how a business operates, but they are not just functional. Moreover, because they come in a variety of design styles, they can do wonders for a business’ décor. To see examples of the possibilities available with these doors, look through the gallery of AD Systems’ projects. There are numerous wood and glass options, as well as add-ons like integral blinds and lighting. Even if nothing else changes, installing sliding barn doors can dramatically improve the look of an office or healthcare facility.

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