interior barn doors When it comes to maximizing the functionality of a professional environment, architects and designers must consider which type of doors will best achieve their goals. While it used to be common practice to simply install traditional hinged doors for all interior applications, this is no longer the go-to choice. Door products have evolved significantly over the years to include many upgrades in technology, making sliding door systems an increasingly popular option for commercial construction and renovation projects. Offices and medical settings, especially, have unique design needs, which is what makes interior barn doors ideal for these particular kinds of layouts.

For several years, AD Systems has been supplying architects and designers with a full line of quality sliding door systems and hardware for the commercial sector. The company’s interior barn doors are suitable for a broad range of office and medical facility designs, and the products offered are manufactured to meet the most demanding of construction codes and regulations, including ADA compliance. Below are some of the most important qualities that these barn doors possess.

Large Openings

With interior barn doors there are no doorway obstructions that present a challenge for office and healthcare personnel to maneuver around. The large openings make it easy for sizeable furniture pieces and machinery to pass through, as well as anyone using a mobility assistive device. When large clear openings are desired, a sliding door can be a particularly viable solution as there is less door swing to content with.

More Space

Interior barn doors are the optimal solution in commercial buildings where space is a concern. Swinging doors take up quite a bit of valuable square footage for no useful reason. Sliding door systems allow offices and medical facilities to better utilize this empty area to store additional furniture and equipment when necessary.

Acoustic Performance

Sliding doors are generally thought to be poor acoustic performers, but AD Systems has specifically designed its products for high levels of acoustical performance. In places like offices and medical facilities, where acoustics is crucial to the overall productivity and wellbeing of the setting, doors must be able to preserve privacy and keep noises from filtering in and out. Specialized acoustic seals are designed for sliding doors that work exceptionally well in maintaining acceptable STC (sound transmission class) ratings. In turn, this ensures employees are given peace and quiet to complete their jobs to the best of their ability and patients can speak to their healthcare team in full confidence.

Aesthetic Appeal

Sliding interior barn doors add a clean, contemporary look to work and healthcare environments. They are an attractive element that staff members, customers, and patients can appreciate having incorporated into settings that are typically more reserved and monotone in appearance. In addition, glass barn doors allow natural light to shine in, instantly boosting the mood of any atmosphere.

Interior Barn Doors and Your Workplace

AD Systems can be counted on to supply the industry’s best commercial interior barn doors for safety, functionality, privacy, and appeal. Sliding door systems can be customized with different finishes, inset panels, and hardware to produce the appropriate configuration depending on the application. The wide selection of products available opens up the possibilities for architects and designers, giving them the opportunity to develop the perfect space to fit each of their client’s individual needs.

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