interior barn doorsAs the designer or owner of a commercial or healthcare facility, you’ve carefully overseen the planning and construction work of the building. Therefore, you’ve calculated for every square inch of the premises. However, at the time of the planning, you may have settled for regular, swinging doors. While swinging doors may work for some commercial buildings, they are not the best choice for others. For example, swinging doors tend to take up extra space, forcing you to allow extra room for their swinging path and clearances. Thus, if you’re looking for a better solution for your commercial doors, try either ExamSlide™ or OfficeSlide™. Sold by AD Systems, these interior barn doors are changing the way businesses and healthcare facilities operate and how they are designed for the most efficient use of space.

You Have Two Options for Interior Barn Doors

Every workspace has different needs. What is ideal for some offices may not be ideal for others. Typically, medical buildings have very different needs than those of regular office buildings. It’s for these reasons that AD Systems created two different types of sliding doors: ExamSlide and OfficeSlide. While both options offer the same great sliding feature, the engineers designed them with the end users in mind. In fact, they worked with the medical community during the design phase of the ExamSlide system. Thus, they were able to provide functions for healthcare facilities that focus on particular needs.

Door Specifications

Specifically designed for the healthcare industry, ExamSlide is heavy-duty, yet easy to slide. Best suited for medical offices, hospitals, clinics, and free-standing ERs, this door meets medical architectural standards. Meanwhile, OfficeSlide is great for offices, banks, and other non-medical commercial buildings. Still with the same great design, this door works for any regular commercial setting.

In addition, both doors are available in a variety of different finishes and hardware options. Furthermore, if your desired hardware or finish is not on AD Systems’ website, they still may be able to accommodate you with a specially-made door. Therefore, if you don’t see your desired hardware listed, simply ask to see what additional options may be available.

Besides the appearance options, these doors also save you space. . This means that you can fully utilize the building’s space, without having to accommodate for swinging doors and their clearances. Moreover, both door systems are acoustically superior, meaning they block out noise and keep private matters confidential. Basically, you’ll never have to worry about important information accidentally leaking out of a room again. Lastly, choose to add features like locks with key card/access control or soft-closers, which prevent the door from slamming shut.

Additionally, these door systems are top-hung, which eliminates any floor tracks which would impede foot or equipment traffic. They are low-maintenance and have a variety of optional features. These include glazed glass panels, integrated lighting and blinds and ADA-compliant hardware.

The Price

Now that you understand some of the specifications for ExamSlide and OfficeSlide, you’re probably wondering, “How much do these interior barn doors cost?” The answer depends solely on the configuration, since your specifications will determine the price. Hence, the best way to determine the price is to request a quote. Click here to fill out an easy form and request your free quote.

Once you give AD Systems the specifications, their dedicated team will be able to quote you an accurate price. For some ideas, look through their portfolio to see some completed projects. Don’t wait. If you need a better solution than swinging doors, upgrade to sliding glass interior doors today. To learn more about AD Systems’ doors, give them a call at 425-374-1360. Discuss your project with an expert. Get the sliding door system you need now!