interior barn doorsWhen you first envision a sliding barn door attached to a building, farmhouses may come to mind. Ultimately, this initial image rarely seems befitting to a corporate office or medical clinic. Fortunately, modern day architecture has transformed this brilliant concept into a useful entryway for any office. In fact, the style is no longer just an exterior feature. Interior barn doors serve the same practical function. However, new designs from AD Systems allow you to choose a structure that blends into your office space and outperforms other typical barn door designs.

What Do Interior Barn Doors Look Like?

Initially, the short answer to this question is another. How does a sliding barn door function in an office space? Basically, barn doors are entryways that recess into a sliding track rather than swinging open like a traditional door. Instead of having hinges at the side, appropriate hardware allows them to hang. Thus, when open, interior barn doors hover on the tracks laying flush against the walls. Conversely, when closed, sliding doors follow their track, covering the opening. The unique design of AD Systems sliding doors ensures that their sliding door systems are sealed around the perimeter found acoustic and visual privacy, making them a superior barn door option.

Space-Savings and Hardware Functionality

The design of barn doors allows a space-savings of up to 30 square feet per doorway over swinging doors. Moreover, there is a huge advantage, cost-wise, to the availability of this additional floor space. At the cost per square foot in today’s buildings, it is critical to use every foot. This extra space provides more room for staff, equipment, furniture or storage.

Additionally, multiple decorative options allow you to create a sliding door system that blends best into your environment. Among your choices are wood or laminate doors and aluminum or wood stile rail with glass. Also, options aid functionality. For example, choose from integral blinds or switchable privacy glass. Moreover, marker boards turn your door into a useful tool for meetings and consultations.

Furthermore, hardware choices add to practicality with:


· ADA-compliant locking and latching hardware

· KeyCard/Access Control with mag lock

· Self-closers of automatic operation

· Custom pulls and other hardware


· ADA-compliant thumb-turn lock with occupancy indicator

· Key locks

· Self-latching mortise that is ADA-compliant

· Magnetic lock – key card/access control

· Single-action egress with lever

· Flush pulls and anti-ligature hardware

In addition, if you have an office space needing sound protection, you may wonder: how thick are barn doors? AD Systems’ engineers have diligently considered that concern. Typically, ExamSlide and OfficeSlide doors are 1 ¾ inches thick. On OfficeSlide, you can opt for any glazing on glass up to 1”. Also, choose from multiple glazing options- including protection for X-Ray rooms on ExamSlide doors. These doors excel in acoustic mitigation and test at level NIC 39.

Who Makes the Best Sliding Barn Door Systems?

Finding a company with proven experience is imperative. Sometimes, seeing for yourself is best. Check out AD Systems’ case studies in their portfolio of work. Notably, choosing a source that understands your goals is also critical. AD Systems designs their doors for privacy, security and practicality. Plus, design flexibility ensures more than just high performance.

Today, request a quote or give them a call so that they can begin enhancing your office space: 425-374-1360!