interior barn doorsInterior barn doors are one of the hottest architectural design trends for offices and medical facilities. AD Systems has been on the cutting edge of this trend since 2009, manufacturing high-performance sliding doors for healthcare clients. Their doors outperform both traditi and other sliding doors thanks to their elegant and versatile design.

Advantages of Interior Barn Doors

All AD Systems’ doors share some basic advantages that make them an ideal choice for medical facilities and offices alike:

  • Significant space savings — a sliding barn door saves up to 10-20 square feet of space versus a swinging door.
  • Top-hung design with durable rollers and an easy-to-clean wraparound frame means low maintenance.
  • Wide variety of finishes and hardware options, including decorative or privacy glass, integrated lighting, keycard readers, etc. allow functions not available on many other sliding doors
  • Acoustic mitigation technology prevents sound transmission, with optional acoustic bottom seals for maximum protection.
  • Soft Close technology ends slamming doors.


The ExamSlide is AD Systems’ revolutionary interior sliding door system designed specifically for the needs of medical facilities. Every ExamSlide door comes equipped with an acoustic permiter to protect patient privacy. The top-hung design means wheelchairs and equipment carts won’t get stuck on exposed floor tracks. And like all AD Systems’ doors, the simple and durable design reduces maintenance costs.

In a field where every second and every inch of space counts, the ExamSlide stands apart. The Everett Clinic in Smokey Point, WA is a classic example of what the ExamSlide can achieve. This 60,000-square-foot facility allows patients to visit specialists in over 20 different fields under one roof. AD Systems’ sliding doors were ideally suited for the “LEAN design” needs of such a busy medical facility.


Privacy, efficiency, and space conservation can be just as vital in an office as in a medical facility. That’s why AD Systems introduced the OfficeSlide, a sliding barn door designed for the needs of corporate clients. The OfficeSlide’s great strength is its flexibility and wide range of available options. Whether your office needs glass-front doors, conference room double doors, office doors with privacy glazes — the OfficeSlide has a solution.

Everett, WA’s Coastal Community Bank chose the OfficeSlide for the remodel of their corporate headquarters. The OfficeSlide’s versatility allowed the client to design their space with abundant natural light and stringent privacy protection.


AD Systems’ clients asked for a sliding door with the same high-performance features as their other doors. The company responded with the InsetSlide, a sliding door with an integral sidelite for a sleek, flush look. The InsetSlide debuted in Tacoma, WA’s MultiCare Indigo clinic and was an immediate success. The clinic enjoys clean, sleek hallways with a contemporary look and benefits from the InsetSlide’s classic AD Systems’ features.

If you’re considering what interior barn doors can offer your facility, call AD Systems at 425-374-1360 or contact them online. Their friendly customer service team will help you design a sliding door solution perfect for your facility.