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We at AD Systems Doors are understandably proud of the dependable practicality and smooth functionality of our interior barn doors – sliding doors that we engineered specifically for medical facilities, hospital exam rooms and corporate office settings.

Architects/Designers: We know when you are creating a healthcare space in which equipment must be accessible and many practitioners may need access for multiple scenarios, every square foot of usable room is valuable, and privacy is essential for sensitive discussions.

Professional Planners: We are aware that when you are planning a contemporary office environment, you need to create a space that offers minimum distractions and a sleek modern look that encourages organization and efficiency.

To help you meet these criteria, AD Systems’s interior barn doors offer all the following benefits, and more.

  • Our interior barn doors are top-hung for smooth, maintenance-free operation, with no exposed floor track or threshold to spoil the aesthetic appeal, just concealed bottom door guides for dependable performance.
  • AD Systems doors are guaranteed to roll effortlessly and silently with little effort required. Available with optional ADA-compliant soft-closers to prevent loud slams and protect the fingers and toes of people of all ages and abilities.
  • With door casing that wraps around wall construction for ease of installation with a more finished appearance and easier cleaning. In addition to protecting the walls, our interior barn doors have the durability to withstand the wear and tear of a busy office or exam area.
  • Our patent-pending acoustic mitigation system completely seals all four sides of our interior barn doors for complete noise reduction to ensure privacy (field tests indicate NIC Noise Isolation Class 39 as per ASTM E336-11).
  • Our interior barn doors, with their space-saving design, save as much as 30 square feet of needed space compared to a conventional swing door.
  • If needed, AD Systems doors can be manufactured to recommended smoke ratings (tested per UL1784, listed by Intertek).

Of course, customization is important in any well-designed or thoughtfully-planned environment. AD Systems’ interior barn doors are available with many door and hardware options.

Doors are the gateway to your client’s patient examination or business meeting areas and set the tone for interpersonal interaction and customer satisfaction. Whether your design requires interior barn doors that are wood or laminate, both options are available with high quality SCLC guaranteed not to warp or twist over time. Or, you may prefer a wood frame and rail or an aluminum frame and rail style, with either version complete with glass panels that can be clear, coated for privacy or with integral blinds or louvers. We even offer interior barn doors with lead shielding and X-ray glass, perfect for X-ray rooms.

For added customization to suit your clients’ needs, hardware options include choices of ADA thumb-turn locks with occupancy indicators or key pads as well as ADA self-latching door closures with thumb turns and exit handles. Or, you may choose a traditional key lock mechanism, a magnetic lock for integration with key card access or a mechanical self-closer. Options and configurations for your interior barn doors are almost limitless. Whatever combination of features are required for your next project, AD Systems has the perfect solution.