interior barn doors While every detail is important when designing a commercial construction project, it’s especially vital for architects, builders, and facility managers to install the right door systems. Doors help to facilitate the flow of traffic throughout a building, provide privacy, buffer noise, and offer a visual impact that shouldn’t go undervalued. Taking all of these factors into consideration, an increasing number of design professionals are choosing interior barn doors for their layouts over traditional hinged doors. As a result, commercial environments end up benefiting greatly.

Maximizes Floor Space

The efficient use of space is a top concern in professional settings. Facility owners invest in every square foot of their building, so it’s essential that they’re able to get the most out of their money. This isn’t possible when swing doors are installed because they must have a large area of dead space left around them to accommodate for their wide berth when they open and close and approach clearances. This isn’t the case with interior barn doors, which are top-hung and operate by sliding along the wall. These innovative door systems add up to 30 square feet of extra usable space with each installation, eliminating overcrowding and making it possible to have more room for things like equipment and furniture.

Increases Acoustic Performance

Commercial design also places a strong emphasis on the importance of noise reduction. For corporate office, medical, and educational settings, in particular, the need for privacy is paramount. The high acoustic performance of interior barn doors can be counted on to create a barrier between spaces that will keep conversations confidential and prevent distractions. This allows for better productivity among employees, provides patients the peace and quiet they need for a quick recovery, and complies with HIPPA requirements.

Meets ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Facilities that are open to the public must follow strict guidelines for construction, which includes meeting ADA standards. The design of interior barn doors makes this simple. The wide passageway and sliding mechanism oblige people with limited mobility so they can get through in a wheelchair or with a walker without having to navigate around a cumbersome door that swings open.Since these doors are designed with the ADA requirements playing a large role, they are top-hung, so there are no tracks in the floor to impede those with assistive devices.

Enhances Look & Feel of the Environment

Interior barn doors are an easy way to give a professional environment a more modern look and feel. They are offered in a number of styles and can be designed with different finish, hardware, and glazing options. This helps to make them unique and versatile enough to fit any application.

AD Systems is the Nation’s Leading Supplier of Interior Barn Doors

AD Systems, based in the Seattle-Everett area of Washington, is committed to supplying the commercial construction market with meticulously designed and engineered sliding door systems. Their interior barn doors are a flexible, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective solution for separating indoor spaces and can be delivered anywhere in the United States. AD Systems sets the industry standard when it comes to quality products and customer service. They have helped architects, builders, and facility managers all over the country find the perfect doors to meet the unique needs of each of their projects.