interior barn doorsSupermarkets, airports and other public buildings often have a sliding doors to accommodate users. It makes sense to have the door on a track to help save space while achieving large openings and ease of use. These sliding doors offer numerous benefits. They increase traffic speed in crowded areas, save on energy costs and offer added convenience. So, why limit these benefits to those entrances? Interior barn doors from AD Systems can be ideal for medical and office complexes as well. Plus, with multiple hardware and finish options, they will also fit any existing style.

Benefits of Interior Barn Doors

Interior barn doors offer numerous benefits over regular doors. By hanging from a quiet, overhead track, they offer controlled opening and closing capabilities. Basically, this design saves space and prevents potential injuries from doors swinging open unexpectedly. Moreover, doors from AD Systems can be heavy, light, or strike a balance. Thus, choose a heavier door for privacy and security or a lighter one for other applications. They can also include locking mechanisms for added privacy options.

Best of all, sliding doors from AD Systems are fully customizable. Hence, match the right style with choices of finish and hardware options. Their doors offer acoustical performance, design flexibility and a wide range of features like soft or automatic closers. Builders can give their clients the performance and style they want with these doors. Optional hardware add-ons include self-closing devices, smoke ratings, privacy locks, card reader access and more. There are many ADA-compliant options, as well. So, they offer easy access for those with all levels of ability.


The OfficeSlide is the commercial offering from AD Systems. Combining performance features with greater design flexibility, the OfficeSlide is perfect for a wide range of offices. Henceforth, consider the OfficeSlide for private offices, conference rooms, and other spaces. Fully customizable in size and configurations, the OfficeSlide will fit most any needs. Features include:

  • Customizable sizes, finishes, and configurations with standard, soft closers
  • Field tests indicate NIC Noise Isolation Class 39 as per ASTM E336-11
  • Optional UL 1784 smoke rating
  • Wide range of available inset panels, including marker boards, integrated lighting, and blinds


The ExamSlide is the ideal solution for hospital and medical facilities. Engineers designed this system with feedback from the medical community. Therefore, it is perfect for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, emergency rooms and more. The ExamSlide provides privacy and long-term reliability. The unique design, performance, and functions elevate it above traditional barn doors and make it high performing for healthcare applications. Enable patients to feel safe and secure with sound-proofing. Plus, this system can save up to 30 square feet per doorway as compared to a traditional swinging door. Other options include:

  • Field tests indicate NIC Noise Isolation Class 39 as per ASTM E336-11
  • Avoid noisy slams with a soft-close dampening system
  • Optional UL 1784 smoke rating
  • A broad range of insert panels, including radiation-blocking for x-ray rooms or integral blinds or decorative glazing

10+ Years of Experience

AD Systems designed their sliding barn door systems to, simply, perform better. Thus, enjoy the benefits of sliding doors that match your style from the industry leader. Founded in 2009, AD Systems began with a design for an interior sliding door with acoustical mitigation and space savings. The company has evolved as one of the top sliding door solutions for medical and commercial facilities. They provide high-quality, sliding barn door solutions for owners, architects, and builders across many different industries. For an idea of the unique configurations that they offer, check out their gallery of completed projects nationwide.

Best of all, these solutions can be surprisingly affordable. Costs can vary significantly, depending on size, finish options, number of doors and more. But they offer value and energy-savings benefits that can pay for themselves. AD Systems offers free quotes for specific information on costs and options. So, simply fill out their easy-to-use form and they will be in touch.

Or, give AD Systems a call today at 425-374-1360 for more information.