space saving doors Although there are many design details for architects and specifiers to consider when working on a commercial renovation or new building project, space is always a top priority. Space is viewed as one of the most valuable assets of any environment, and it’s up to design and construction professionals to make the most out of every square inch. In the continual pursuit to maximize the efficient use of space, it’s crucial to look at all the elements that can help achieve the goal. This is where the importance of space saving doors is recognized. Doors are an essential component of any commercial layout, as they have a significant impact on space usage and the overall function of an environment.

Hinged Doors vs. Sliding Door Systems

Installing hinged doors is one of the most common ways space gets wasted in design. A considerable amount of floor space must be left vacant to allow for the door to swing open and shut with a clear path of travel. This eliminates a great deal of space (up to 30 square feet per door) that could be utilized in commercial settings for things like equipment, furniture, etc. This waste of space can ultimately decrease the productivity and profitability of almost any occupancy.

Because of these factors, sliding door systems can be an excellent solution for commercial applications. The sliding technology is a vital tool in producing space saving doors that are highly relaible. The doors are top-hung and designed with a specially engineered roller system that simply moves along the wall, leaving the room around them completely free for other uses.

Cost Advantages of Space Saving Doors

The installation of sliding door systems translates into a highly cost-effective way for building owners to get the most value out of their commercial square footage. The extra space left around doors provides architects, designers, and facility managers with unlimited opportunities when it comes to deciding how it would best be utilized. It also presents the possibility of constructing a smaller, more economical space for a commercial operation or putting more offices, exam rooms, IT rooms or phone rooms into a floor plate.

Space Saving Door Designs

Space saving doors come in a wide variety of configurations to accommodate any architectural style and floor plan. There are a number of materials, finishes, glazing, and hardware options that can be integrated to design the perfect look for a particular setting. Sliding doors are the optimal choice for commercial properties, not just for their ability to conserve space, but also for their ease of accessibility, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

The Industry’s Highest Quality Space Saving Doors Come From AD Systems

When working with AD Systems, architects and designers can trust they’re getting the highest quality space saving doors on the market. The company supplies sliding door systems that are produced with state-of-the-art materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. The results are doors that are attractive, safe and smooth to handle, and do not require compromising acoustical performance or reliability. Even the most complex commercial construction projects can benefit from all that sliding systems have to offer.