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Clinics are an integral part of a community’s medical services. The dedication to high quality and efficient patient care can often be seen in the design of a facility. Clinic doors should not only be functional but also present an inviting first impression to the public. Well-designed clinic spaces projects a commitment to quality care and a high value of its patients. Whether a large facility or small individual doctors office, clinic exam room doors should be a highly functional and accessible element of the space’s design.

Privacy and Security

Clinic doors should uphold safety and security of patients as well as employees. Patients should feel a sense of visual and acoustical privacy, particularly in exam room areas where they may be changing or =discussing sensitive information. Doors that operate and close properly and offer a full range of hardware solutions that will suit a room’s users and purpose are essential to a patient’s sense of well-being.

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance is absolutely necessary for facilities providing access to the public. Clinic doors can be customized to accommodate any federal laws and regulations aimed at accessibility for people with disabilities. Easy ingress and egress are achieved with various designs. A clinic door can be configured to be self-closing, sliding, and with access control. Automatic doors eliminate the need to handle heavy doors. Maneuverability is also aided by sliding doors. No impedance or awkward door placement that is sometimes seen with swinging doors, particularly those that are very large in size. Access control hardware should be appropriately placed for easy access, such as keypads and intercoms. AD Systems is unique in the range of ADA complaint locking, latching and secure access hardware that it offers for sliding doors, enhancing the functionality of these doors and opening up their use into new areas previously limited by a lack of hardware solutions.


Space and Aesthetics

In today’s healthcare clinic settings there is a tremendous amount of importance placed on the efficient delivery of care, particularly in facilities implementing LEAN design principles. Every object has a purpose and a place and simple, quality architectural design is of the utmost importance. Clinic doors, particularly exam room sliding doors can play an important role by saving valuable floor and wall space for work stations, cabinets and furnishings that more fully utilize space that door swings. Sliding doors also often offer an aesthetic upgrade to a space, making an environment seem more contemporary and less “clinical.”


A modern clinic environment requires modern design solutions. AD Systems provides modern swing, sliding, barn, and acoustical doors for your medical clinic designs. For more information on our doors, acoustical test data, CAD or Revit files or other information, contact us at AD Systems today.