medical exam roomsAD Systems’ ExamSlide™ isn’t like every other door — and that’s by design. The company created their flagship medical door to facilitate cutting-edge design in medical exam rooms and other key spaces. Now, along with architects, designers, and facility owners, AD Systems is leading the charge for innovative facility planning. To do that, they had to devise a door with an advanced feature set aimed specifically at the healthcare industry.

How the ExamSlide Came to Be

Founded in 2009, AD Systems initially came to prominence with their sliding doors for corporate clients. Moreover, these doors had high-end feature sets and a large variety of equipment configurations. At the same time, they never sacrificed a sleek, professional aesthetic. As a result, the door that would become the OfficeSlide was a best-seller.

Then, AD Systems’ designers noted with interest that their doors were increasingly popular in hospitals and clinics. So, they decided to create a new door, precisely tailored to the needs of the healthcare market.

What Medical Exam Rooms Require from Their Doors

According to the Center for Health Design, primary care exam rooms are an area of increasing focus in medical design. Additionally, the drive to make healthcare more patient-centered means that medical exam rooms are now evolving faster than ever. Because of this, designers are prioritizing projects that can help with:

  • Space savings
  • Patient privacy
  • Aesthetic elegance
  • Cost and maintenance savings

Immediately, the engineers at AD Systems took these needs into account and built the ExamSlide. Now, this high-performance sliding barn door’s features specifically address the needs of the modern exam room.

What the ExamSlide Does Differently

With these outcomes in mind, the ExamSlide’s feature set paves the way for a new kind of 21st-century exam room:

  • Patented four-sided acoustic seal (rated up to NIC 39) provides enhanced protection against sound transmission
  • Flush design saves up to 30 square feet of space compared to a traditional swinging door
  • Wide range of hardware options and finishes enable the ExamSlide to complement any aesthetic
  • Privacy glazing, glass fronts, integrated lighting, and more functional options
  • Heavy-duty but elegantly simple and easy-to-clean construction ensures years of low-maintenance performance
  • Built with no exposed floor track for ultimate ease of operation and navigation

Here, AD Systems’ Project Gallery and Case Studies provide eye-opening examples of what the ExamSlide can do for a facility. Whether it’s a large hospital, a small clinic, or somewhere in between, the ExamSlide offers unbeatable performance. As you can see, it’s purpose-built for medical caregiving, and the results speak for themselves.

With today’s healthcare changes, exam rooms must also change. The ExamSlide is AD Systems’ way of helping to lead the way into the future of medicine. Right now, to find out more about the ExamSlide, you can call AD Systems at 425-374-1360 or request a quote online.