interior sliding doorsWhat can you do to your facility to make it more appealing, more efficient, and more private? For many building design professionals, there’s a surprisingly simple answer: consider interior sliding doors to replace traditional swinging doors. It’s an increasingly popular option, but what are the facts behind it?

Washington-based AD Systems is a market leader in sliding barn door solutions. Here, we’ll explore why their sliding doors offer a better option than swinging doors. Also, we’ll look at how they back that up with innovative technology.

What’s Wrong with Swinging Doors?

Swinging doors have a long history and have served many facilities well, but they’re no longer the only option. In fact, there are several areas in which they don’t offer the best performance available:

  • Space Utilization: In many offices and medical facilities, particularly ones in dense urban centers, space is at a premium. A swinging door often requires significantly more area to swing open and closed and for associated approach clearances.
  • Aesthetics: Although many fine swinging doors are available, facility stakeholders are increasingly requesting a more contemporary look.
  • Noise: the operation of swing doors and persistent latching and unlatching often contributes to noise in environments like workplaces and medical facilities were quiet is desired. AD Systems sliding doors glide smoothly on roller systems and the soft closer mechanisms bring the doors gently closed while also preventing the doors from rolling open.

Because of these performance concerns, many designers and architects are looking at other options for doors. One company that’s been turning heads with their high-performance sliding barn doors is AD Systems.

Interior Sliding Doors – High-Performance Solutions from AD Systems

Since 2009, AD Systems has been developing cutting-edge sliding door solutions. Their initial designs proved so popular that they developed them into two sliding barn door options: the OfficeSlide™ and the ExamSlide™.

Each offers the feature set that has made AD Systems’ sliding doors so popular. They also address many common issues with swinging doors:

  • Beautiful sliding doors that take up only minimal amounts of floor space
  • Enhanced privacy and reduced sound transmission
  • An optional four-sided acoustic seal for even better privacy protection
  • An attractive and contemporary aesthetic profile
  • Top-hung system, featuring heavy-duty rollers that resist wear and require little maintenance
  • No exposed floor track — doors “glide” above the floor
  • Wide variety of hardware and finishes to suit any aesthetic
  • ADA-compliant features available for healthcare facilities and public buildings
  • Wide choice of inserts, including a variety of glass options, radiation shielding glass, marker boards, integrated blinds and lighting
  • Security options for locks, including key-card access

Sliding Door Options from AD Systems

All of AD Systems’ sliding door models are the products of a long and intensive design process. They offer two barn door designs to meet the needs of two important institutional markets: offices and medical facilities. Take a look:

  • OfficeSlide: AD Systems engineered this barn door for the corporate market. Its superior sound isolation is ideal for institutions such as banks and law firms with strict privacy rules. The OfficeSlide is also customizable for a variety of office needs, including sliding glass doors and bi-parting or single models. See AD Systems’ work with Coastal Community Bank for a great example of the OfficeSlide in action!
  • ExamSlide: Medical professionals needed a sliding door designed for their needs, and AD Systems responded. The ExamSlide features a four-sided acoustic gasket as standard equipment for medical-grade privacy protection. It can also seriously streamline the design of your medical facility with its low space profile and sleek looks. Puyallup, WA’s Group Health Cooperative offers an excellent example of what this door can accomplish.

AD Systems’ sliding doors are opening a whole new world for many facilities. If you’re interested in what interior sliding doors can accomplish for your facility, AD Systems is ready to help! Today, call them at 425-374-1360 or contact them online.