acoustic sliding doorsImagine yourself walking down any hallway — a school, hospital, office, or other large facility with many employees and visitors. When do you catch bits of conversations floating in the air? Well, it’s probably when you walk by a doorway, maybe even a closed one! In fact, this is a common problem for institutions that need to maintain strict privacy standards. In this article, we’ll examine why acoustic sliding doors from AD Systems are an increasingly popular way to address this issue.

The Importance of Speech Privacy Standards

Today, data-gathering and recording are happening at an unprecedented level in the background of our world. Thus, it’s helpful to give employees, patients and guests a place where their speech is safeguarded. Also, it’s a great way to show everyone in your facility that you value their privacy and trust. Plus, it can protect you from costly violations of HIPAA Privacy Laws.

Sliding doors have historically been quite lacking when it comes to acoustical performance. That all changed when AD Systems launched their innovative sliding door solutions.

The OfficeSlide™ and ExamSlide™: Acoustic Sliding Doors Built for Security

AD Systems is a Washington-based company that brings innovative sliding door systems to a market hungry for them. In commercial markets especially, sliding doors are gaining popularity. Architects, designers, and facility owners see that residents want “big, clean, and easy.” And, sliding doors fit all three of those criteria.

For purposes of speech privacy protection, AD Systems’ OfficeSlide and ExamSlide sliding doors are taking the lead. Their speech privacy protection comes from several key points of their design:

  • AD Systems’ features a “wrap” frame design that closes up many of the gaps around the perimeter of a sliding door, and further offers wall protection. The presence of this frame allows AD Systems to incorporate perimeter acoustic gaskets.
  • AD Systems offers a sliding door specific automatic door bottom that further addresses sound mitigation by sealing the gap at the bottom of the opening when the door is in the closed position. These devices can dramatically improve acoustic performance and enable these systems to be smoke rated.

The OfficeSlide door system was originally designed for companies that required multi-functional, space-saving, acoustically superior doors.

Following the popularity of the OfficeSlide system, AD Systems’ engineers worked with architects and managers of healthcare facilities. The goal…to create a door system specifically designed for the healthcare sector. Examslide has been a huge success for outpatient clinics, medical office buildings, ERs and even some inpatient applications such as toilet rooms.

Look through our gallery to see the many options available in both categories.

In an ever-changing market, winning the trust of your employees and patrons is a non-negotiable. Protecting their privacy is one of the smartest moves you can make. Luckily, AD Systems’ acoustic sliding doors are here to help. Call AD Systems today at 425-374-1360 to find out more or contact AD Systems online.