barn door track systemYou may have noticed a recent trend toward increased use of sliding doors in medical facilities, offices, and other institutions. Specifically, these doors use a barn door track system to achieve the high performance these facilities require, specifically the uniquely design AD Systems ExamSlide which was designed with the needs of medical offices in mind. What makes these doors good enough for this hospital in Utah and this bank in Washington alike? Most importantly, the answer lies in the simple elegance of their design by AD Systems!

Why Does a Barn Door Track System Outperform Other Options?

First: why are design professionals seeing the need to investigate and implement new options for interior doors? What’s wrong with the traditional swinging door and sliding door models?

Think of it this way: it’s a time when it’s vital to question long-held assumptions. And, when you look at swinging doors, they aren’t always the most efficient way to organize a space. Door swings consume valuable amounts of real estate, approach clearances are generally larger than with sliding doors and they can be difficult to operate in tight spaces or as they need to cover large openings.

Replacing swing with traditional sliding doors, however, can come with its own set of problems:

  • “Pocket door” models are often difficult to clean and maintain since they slide into an opening in the wall
  • Exposed floor track makes access for carts, wheelchairs, and even sometimes foot traffic more difficult
  • More complex mechanisms can require increased maintenance frequency

Since 2009, AD Systems has changed the way the public thinks about sliding doors. The uniquely powerful feature set of their barn doors has altered the landscape in more ways than one.

How AD Systems Changed the Game

The secret to the success of AD Systems’ ExamSlide™ and OfficeSlide™ interior barn door models? It all hinges (or doesn’t — if you’ll pardon the pun) on their elegantly simple mechanisms and complete system approach to sliding door openings:

  • Head Assembly: Here’s where the smooth operation of an AD Systems door comes from. These doors are top-hung, with a guide and roller system enclosed in an elegant aluminum casing. This system allows the door to “float” above the ground for quieter, smoother operation. The lack of exposed floor track means wheeled vehicles and foot traffic can cross the threshold more easily.
  • Soft Closer: For comfort and a little extra peace and quiet, all AD Systems doors come equipped with soft-close dampers. This feature also helps prevent damage to the doors and frames
  • Acoustic Gasketing: Acoustic performance is a major highlight of AD Systems’ doors. All come standard-equipped with perimeter gap stoppers to improve sound retention. The ExamSlide also comes with an optional drop seal for optimal acoustic performance.
  • Door Leaf: AD Systems’ sliding door leaves are a solid 1 ¾” thick and available in a variety of attractive finishes.
  • Hardware: All AD Systems’ sliding door models are available with numerous hardware options. From flush pulls and ADA-compliant hardware to keycard readers,  there are many functional options to choose from. Naturally, all AD Systems sliding barn doors lock securely for safety and protection.

Find Out What a Barn Door System Can Offer Your Facility

AD Systems’ flagship models are the ExamSlide for medical facilities, and the OfficeSlide for the corporate world. Both offer an industry-leading suite of options that makes it clear why AD Systems’ barn doors are so popular. For an idea of the many available configurations, look through their gallery!

Interested in learning what AD Systems’ doors can do for your facility? Call AD Systems at 425-374-1360 or request a quote online. A barn door track system could be just what you need to start your facility off on the right track!