hospital sliding doorsWhen most people think about doors, their automatic reaction is to think about the ones that swing open and closed. While certainly common, these are by no means the only ones available. Many healthcare facilities, for example, now see the benefit of using sliding doors. This type of door system is becoming commonplace, especially in hospitals. One of the best is ExamSlide™ from AD Systems. Many medical facilities choose ExamSlide hospital sliding doors for a variety of reasons.

Some of the main reasons are that they:

Are ADA-Compliant

Passed in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against any kind of disability. This law includes stipulations related to building access. For example, buildings need to have ramps for those in wheelchairs or other people who may have difficulty with stairs. The ADA also pertains to doors. First, they need to have a wide clearance. 32″ minimum.  In addition, everyone must be able to operate them. Sometimes knobs can be cumbersome, which is why ExamSlide ADA-compliant hospital sliding doors offer ADA compliant hardware options. Another advantage of sliding door systems, is their overhead track, which eliminates any type of obstacle on the floor.

Drastically Cut Down on Noise

Loud or constant noises in any workplace can be annoying and distracting. But they can be even more harmful in a medical setting. For one thing, patients need peace and quiet. They could be preparing for a procedure or recovering from one. Too much noise can quickly raise stress levels. Secondly, noise is counter-productive for the staff. All medical personnel have to do their jobs as competently as possible, and noise can prevent this. The right hospital sliding doors can make a huge difference when it comes to noise control. ExamSlide has a special sound-blocking design. . Additionally, the acoustic advantage provides privacy for confidential medical discussions. This type of acoustic mitigation is not typical of sliding doors systems and is an important consideration for many types of facilities.

Provide Each Room with More Available Floor Space

Medical facilities can’t usually afford to waste any space. However, due to furniture and equipment, it can be tough making exam rooms comfortable. This is another advantage of sliding doors. A door swing can often impede on a room’s space and render a good portion of it unusable. Sliding doors, on the other hand, do not intrude at all, as they merely slide along one side of the wall allowing for rooms to be rightsized or there to be more efficient placement of furnishings, casework and equipment.

Are Sturdy, Low-Maintenance and Functional

Hospitals and clinics are usually very busy places. This means that people are always going in and out, which puts wear and tear on the doors. . ExamSlide utilizes a heavy-duty roller system, allowing for very smooth operation. Soft closers are standard features on both sides of AD Systems doors, dampening the closing and reducing noise and wear and tear.  Plus, there is never any necessary maintenance to keep them working smoothly and quietly.

ExamSlide: The Best Hospital Sliding Doors

Clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities should make things as pleasant as possible for patients, workers, and visitors. The ExamSlide system can help improve operations in a number of areas. Additionally, there are options that increase functionality. AD Systems offers a wide range of choices for materials, finishes and hardware. Also, there are special panels for radiology rooms, integrated blinds or lighting, various levels of glazing for glass panels, etc. Browse through their gallery to see the range of possibilities available. Also, review the case study for Mountainview Hospital in Utah. They used the ExamSlide door system throughout their project to double the size of their Emergency Department.

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