hospital sliding doorsThings are hectic in the medical field. Every movement and design choice impacts the flow of traffic through clinics and hospitals. Because LEAN design and LEAN an efficient operations are so intertwined in medical facilities, it is critical performance of all elements of a building is evaluated as to how they affect patient care and staff performance. If your medical facility is considering sliding doors, consider hospital sliding doors from AD Systems. Designed to make the operation of medical facilities run more smoothly, ExamSlide™ is ideal for hospitals, clinics, labs, and exam rooms.

Hospital Sliding Doors Save You Time and Space

ExamSlide is the medical door that slides, not swings. This allows for a quick entrance and exit. Hence, medical personnel can efficiently slide the door open and be on their way. Additionally, ExamSlide saves space since you won’t have to compensate for the swing path and larger approach clearances of a swinging door.  This allows facilities to make better use of their space to fit more offices, equipment or exam rooms. With the high cost of floor space today, it is important to use every square foot efficiently.

In addition to its operation, ExamSlide is available with many different options in both door finishes and hardware. The engineers at AD Systems designed these doors using feedback from medical professionals and architects. The many ADA-compliant hardware options are critical for medical facilities. Available door finishes include a wide range of different woods and colors. Also, there are several different choices in the materiality of door leaves including plastic laminate and aluminum stile and rail or hollow metal steel. Finally features such as soft-close dampening system, which prevents the door from slamming shut, are standard as is the extrusion designed for protecting wall construction and easy cleanability.  Other specialty doors and features such as lead lining, electrostatic glass or automatic operation are available to allow you to fully design your unique medical doors.

ExamSlide Gives You Maximum Privacy

In addition to their operation and space-saving technology, ExamSlide door systems are acoustically superior. Thus, they are perfect for conference rooms and keeping confidential patient information private. . Hence, these doors give added peace of mind to all medical personnel. To learn more about these hospital sliding doors and how AD Systems can help you, contact them today. Email or call them at 425-374-1360. Get the solution to an efficient medical building today!