hospital room door Hospitals have specialized needs that require architects and builders to meet some of the toughest building codes in construction. Every design element must be considered carefully, especially interior door systems. Providing easy access to different areas and maintaining a consistent flow of traffic between spaces is crucial in a setting where each moment counts in life or death situations. This is why many commercial design professionals are turning to sliding doors to satisfy the requirements in key areas of medical and healthcare projects. With an innovative product offering for sliding hospital room door products, AD Systems aims to provide solutions for patient toilet rooms, exam rooms, administrative areas and acute care environments where sliding doors are desired but breakaway performance is not required.

Here are some of the things clients can expect when installing the company’s one-of-a-kind Examslide™ systems:

Hospital Room Door Design Specifications

The hospital room door systems offered by AD Systems are built with functionality and appeal in mind. The company has a wide range of options available to accommodate every project’s exacting specifications for size, style, material, and finish. Doors come in flush wood or laminate, aluminum with glass, and wood stile and rail in glass and are set in an aluminum frame system that is designed to wrap and protect the construction of the wall. There are a number of glazing and infill panel choices as well. They are installed using a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system that simply glides along the wall for a smooth operation. There is also no exposed floor track for improved safety and navigation. The doors are available with large clear openings (up to 6′).

Standard Features

Examslide™ systems are engineered to include a few different features that are very beneficial in hospital environments.

Space-Saving: Sliding doors are ideal for optimum space utilization. AD Systems’ hospital room door products have the ability to save up 30 square feet of floor space for each doorway, in comparison to traditional swing door designs. This eliminates overcrowding in patient rooms and gives facilities the opportunity to make better use of space by adding in additional furniture and medical equipment where needed.
Soft-Close Technology: Soft-close technology protects against door slams, reduces wear and tear on the doors and ensures that doors fully close and do not roll open unless set in motion by a patient or a provider.
Acoustic Seals: AD Systems addresses the issue of privacy with their patent-pending acoustic seals that can be specified on all four sides of the sliding doors. These are intended to create a barrier that doesn’t allow noise to filter into or out of a room for increased confidentiality and comfort.
Hardware Functionality: Many sliding systems are lacking when it comes to ADA compliant hardware options. AD Systems’ innovative frame design allows for easy integration of key locks, privacy locks and self-latching hardware as well as card reader or other types of secure access.
Smoke ratings: Hospitals often have requirements for smoke ratings or perhaps air infiltration limits in certain areas. AD Systems offers UL 1784 rated solutions to address both issues.
AD Systems: An Innovative Leader in Sliding Door Solutions

AD Systems is the Ideal Supplier for Any Hospital Room Door

Since 2009, AD Systems has been a world-leading supplier of sliding door products for the commercial construction market. They understand the unique challenges architects, builders, designers, and facility managers face when tasked with putting together designs for the healthcare sector. They know how essential it is to make sure every design element meets the needs and strict guidelines of the medical field, which is why they are dedicated to being the number one source for high quality hospital room door solutions. The company is proud to be a partner that design professionals all across the country can trust to help carry out their vision, whether it’s for a new construction or renovation project.