hospital doorsWhether good or bad, a visit to a hospital usually involves something very personal. It could be related to some sort of sickness or injury. Or it may have to do with the birth of a child. But whatever the reason, people need privacy, and quality hospital doors can make sure they get it.

Privacy in a hospital or other medical facility can be difficult. They are generally busy places with people constantly moving in and out of rooms. So, how can patients and visitors maintain privacy in such a hectic environment? This is where hospital doors can play a key role.

Sliding hospital doors are superior to swinging doors

Swinging doors can take up valuable space in hospital or other medical settings. Virtually all healthcare projects are space constrained because there is so much equipment, supplies, furniture, clearance space and finally occupant space that needs to be designed for and managed. Sliding doors can make a major improvement in terms of space utilization by eliminating swing path and some approach clearances.

Sliding doors limit sound disturbances

In addition to being busy places, hospitals can be noisy. This can be difficult when people need to rest or discuss medical information with their healthcare provider. The same acoustic advantage that improves privacy can also limit noise disruptions. In addition, sliding doors close almost soundlessly, unlike swinging doors that can easily slam shut. It used to be the case that using sliding doors meant compromising on acoustics, but with the AD Systems products, that is no longer the case.

ADA compliance

Hospitals must, by law, comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Among other things, this means that everyone has to have access to all facilities. Because sliding doors have a large clearance, entry and exit is easy for everyone. The overhead track also ensures that there is no obstacle on the floor.

AD Systems produces quality sliding door systems

For hospitals that want to give patients a good experience, AD Systems offers the best hospital doors. The ExamSlide™ door solution augments privacy in exam rooms as well as other parts of the building. In the hospital environment, AD Systems solutions are popular for clinical spaces, patient toilet rooms and even patient room environments where breakaway performance is not required.