hospital doorsIn the last few decades, the healthcare industry has undergone some fundamental changes. Patients are now able to receive care in more facilities, many of which are often in non-hospital settings. As care has evolved, so too has the equipment that allows patients to receive this new type of care. One of the biggest changes has been doctor’s offices. Located in shopping centers and other convenient areas, doctor’s offices and medical clinics are much different than they used to be. The hospital doors engineered by AD Systems are a major reason these alternative facilities are possible.

The ExamSlide™ is the ideal sliding door solution for all healthcare applications. Perfect for clinics, office buildings, restrooms and much more, the ExamSlide is far superior to the competition. Designed in conjunction with industry-leading architects, the ExamSlide offers privacy and customization. Each door includes a soft-close noise reduction system and a top-hung roller system. These features make for a heavy-duty, maintenance-free operation for years to come. The ExamSlide can even save up to 30 square feet compared to a traditional swinging door.

ExamSlide Hospital Doors Play Pivotal Role in Hospital Expansion

The sliding door feature of the ExamSlide was perfect for the redesign of Mountain View Hospital. When the hospital needed to expand and rework their emergency room, they turned to AD Systems and their ExamSlide. With a tight budget and timeline, the hospital needed a reliable company to help their expansion. A big piece of the puzzle was redesigning the hospital doors in use at the facility.

The hospital was able to double the size of its emergency department thanks in part to the space-saving ExamSlide. The ExamSlide allowed the department to feature space savings but also superior durability, ADA compliance and acoustic mitigation. The patent-pending seals on all sides of the doors allow privacy and have a NIC (Noise Isolation Class) level 39.

Mountain View Hospital CEO Kevin Johnson praised the features of the ExamSlide as enabling their successful redesign. “We now have the means to provide a broad range of emergency care services faster to more people,” said Johnson. “This state-of-the-art expansion, combined with our award-winning Emergency Department processes, helps us deliver care in the most effective manner possible.”

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