hospital doorsDesign and visual appeal has generally, and for good reason, taken a back seat to functionality when it comes to medical facility design, especially when it comes to hospitals. The result is often an institutional atmosphere that can add to the stress level and anxiety of occupants who are already associating the medical environment with discomfort. Fortunately, times have changed and the healthcare industry is now focused on creating welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environments that have a positive impact on both patients and providers. This new direction in design has moved toward constructing spaces that promote quick patient recovery while also providing medical staff with the functionality they need to complete their jobs successfully. Installing the right hospital door system can be an important element in helping architects and designers to achieve their design goals.

As a leading supplier of innovative sliding door products, AD Systems is helping to establish the trend for healthcare spaces of the future. Sliding hospital doors transform the traditional layout of hospitals into facilities that are much more efficient and appealing.

Impact on the Patient Experience

There are a number of benefits that come with installing sliding doors in hospital interiors. When swing doors are eliminated from hospitals, there is significantly more space to be dedicated to furnishing, equipment and amenities that improve the patient care environment. Because space is at such a premium in hospitals, trying to fit in all the necessary furniture, equipment, and supplies can result in overcrowded rooms when swing doors are taking up much of the square footage.

The high acoustical performance of AD Systems sliding hospital doors also facilitates faster healing by keeping patient rooms quiet. When disturbed by the chaos and never-ending noise that goes on in hospitals, patients have a difficult time getting the rest and relaxation they need to fully recover from illnesses and procedures.

Compliance With Health & Safety Standards

Good acoustics are also important when it comes to satisfying HIPAA guidelines. Privacy is enhanced with sliding doors that have been tested for high isolation ratings, which means patients can have the freedom to consult with their healthcare team without the worry of being overheard. In addition, the wide clearance of sliding door designs accommodates bariatric needs and those with mobility problems who require extra space for ease of access. This is particularly helpful in patient restroom applications where falls are generally a big concern and there is need for a variety of users to have mobility in a small space. Soft-closer technology and ADA-compliant hardware further increase the safety and security of patients.

AD System’s Hospital Door Products Offer the Perfect Solution for Any Design

AD Systems makes it easy for healthcare architects and designers to devise updated, more contemporary hospital designs, whether they’re working on a new construction or the renovation of an existing facility. The company has worked with design professionals nationwide on a variety of projects to offer high quality hospital door systems that are superbly crafted out of top-of-the-line materials. No matter the specifications or vision of each individual assignment, AD Systems can provide the products that perfectly fit the intended application.