hospital doorDo you have a medical facility that needs an upgrade in functionality and aesthetic appeal? Changing the doors in your facility may be the ideal solution. A hospital door has multiple functions. For example, these doors provide privacy, protection, sanitary barriers and visual appeal. ExamSlide™ doors offer all of these functions and more for select areas in acute care environments such as toilet rooms and some patient rooms spaces where breakaway is not required.

ExamSlide Doors are the Ideal Hospital Door

AD Systems listened to the needs of clients and potential clients. Hence, they designed a sliding door system that incorporates key needs of healthcare spaces.  In fact, ExamSlide doors originated from the concept of traditional barn doors. However, they have upgrades that accommodate the needs, demands and regulations that a medical facility must follow. Some of the unique and necessary functions include:

  • Space-savings – reduces the obstruction of the swing path into a room and reduces required approach clearance
  • Large clear openings, up to 4′ wide with wood door leaves or 7′ wide with aluminum stile and rail
  • Soft-close dampening system that reduces noise and eliminates slamming
  • Maintenance-free and smooth operation with its heavy-duty, top-hung roller system
  • No floor tracks
  • Infill panel choices
  • Unique and functional hardware, including locking and latching options
  • Beautiful door finishing options
  • Easier to operate and clean
  • Lead-shielding doors and glazing for X-Ray rooms
  • Self Latching, Smoke ratings and now fire-ratings to comply with code requirements in many hospitals

Door Finishes and Hardware Options

To adhere to the many requirements of various medical facilities, AD Systems has multiple door finishes and hardware options. Their door finishes come in flush wood and laminate. Moreover, you can infill these doors with glass. For the sake of privacy, there are different ranges in glazing options. Also, customers can choose between wood and aluminum stiles and rails.

Hardware is essential to a door’s function, security and appearance. To open the ExamSlide door, flush pulls or anti-ligature hardware are great choices. Depending on the needs of the facility, choices for locks and latches go from simple to fortified, including:

  • ADA-compliant, thumb-turn lock with occupancy indicator
  • Key locks
  • Self-latching mortise – ADA-compliant
  • Magnetic lock – key card/access control
  • Single-action egress with lever

Many medical facilities have incorporated ExamSlide doors within their interior. Mountain View Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT remodel project is one amazing example of these doors in context. The ExamSlide doors brought a space-saving floor plan, acoustical privacy, and easy-to-use functionality to this hospital.

AD Systems is the Choice for Medical Facility Doors

For almost a decade, designing sliding doors that fit their customers’ needs is where AD Systems excels! The ExamSlide doors are a perfect example of their ability to listen to customers’ requests and bringing them to fruition. Their gallery showcases just a small example of the beautiful and functional doors they offer. Moreover, it gives a glimpse of their variety of finishes and hardware. So, when it is time to choose the style hospital door your medical facility needs, contact AD Systems.