HIPPA laws put strict privacy provisions in place for healthcare providers about when and how patient information can be shared. This is an important piece of protection, but patient privacy goes further than what’s stored electronically. Where confidential information is a concern, it makes sense to extend the same degree of care used in electronic information to all aspects of the medical facility.

Confidential information is commonly discussed during a visit with a doctor. Poorly insulated rooms provide little in the way of auditory privacy, however, which could potentially be a concern for patients. While it’s unlikely that someone would intentionally eavesdrop, sound leakage could still be audible to those working nearby. When it comes to sensitive data, it’s better to keep it confined. With acoustically sealed doors this concern is largely removed.

Even beyond privacy concerns, poorly insulated doors can lead to a negative patient experience. When outside ambient noise leaks into the room, it can be distracting while the doctor is trying to discuss important information. The feeling of intimacy is lost.

That’s where AD Systems’ special line of acoustic doors comes in. Ordinarily using a sliding barn door-style design means sacrificing isolation for ease of use, as the sliding parts involve gaps. With our acoustically sealed design, however, you get the ease of a sliding design with all the noise isolation benefits of other door designs.