From design flexibility to space-saving benefits, high performance sliding doors are a great fit for offices and medical facilities. Similarly, as many facility owners must consider cost factors, sliding glass doors provide money-saving benefits as well. In fact, if you’re concerned about the cost of installing interior sliding doors, keep reading. Ultimately, they help your budget down the line.

Benefits of High Performance Sliding Doors

Initially, let’s consider the practical benefits of placing high-performance sliding interior doors into your facility. First, they save you space. Unlike traditional swinging doors, they slide flush with surrounding walls. Therefore, you can gain up to 20-30 square feet of usable floor space per doorway. As architects and designers know, when you save on square footage, you save on cost. Plus, facility owners appreciate their design flexibility and extra room for fixtures and furniture.

Second, sliding doors are a fantastic solution for converting usefulness of rooms. Since their frame allows them to slide and hang, it’s easy to open an area when needed. Conversely, keep them completely or partially closed when you need smaller office spaces.

Third, sliding glass doors allow additional light to enter your facility. Even when they’re closed, light passes into work areas. Ultimately, this helps in a couple of ways. Daylighting saves energy costs on lighting and heating your building. Additionally, studies show that natural light enhances mood and morale. Therefore, staff and clients benefit from a little sunshine entering their day.

Finally, the aesthetics and ease-of-use of sliding interior doors are pleasing. Their design options help them blend into your facility creating a pleasant ambiance to welcome clients and staff. Furthermore, they require little maintenance. Swinging doors eventually have hardware issues that cause squeaking or sagging. Since high performance sliding doors have neither that nor a track embedded in the floor, wear and tear is minimal.

Choose the Optimal Sliding Doors for Your Facility

To provide the optimal design for your facility, AD Systems offers two product lines: ExamSlide™ and OfficeSlide™. In order to choose the best fit, consider their options:

· ADA-compliant thumb-turn lock with occupancy indicator

· Key locks

· Self-latching mortise that is also ADA-compliant

· Magnetic lock – key card/access control

· Single-action egress with lever

· Flush pulls and anti-ligature hardware

· Flush wood door or laminate door

· Wood stile and rail door with glass

· Aluminum stile and rail with glass

· Range of glazing and infill panel choices, including lead shielding for X-ray rooms

· Automatic Operation

AD Systems’ sliding doors offer many other performance advantages. Not only do they include several locking options, they excel in smoke and fire resistance. For instance, they have smoke-rated options per UL 1784. Also, ExamSlide doors offer medical facilities additional protection for X-ray rooms.

Moreover, all of these doors shield sound. As opposed to swinging doors, AD Systems’ sliding doors eliminate perimeter gaps. Their door systems test to an acoustic level NIC 39. This outstanding acoustic mitigation ensures that conversations stay exactly where they belong – behind closed doors.

To see these cutting-edge doors in action, check out AD Systems’ Project Gallery. Then, request a free quote. Or, give them a call at 425-374-1360.