hospital doorsIf you’re in healthcare design, you know how the beginnings lay the foundation for outcomes. That’s why many stakeholders are choosy about hospital doors in particular. Thus, AD Systems created a new high-performance type of sliding medical door, designed specifically for healthcare facilities. Today, we’ll take a look at what’s made the ExamSlide™ system so successful.

A New Era of Sliding Doors

Increasingly, professionals in all fields recognize the advantages that sliding doors offer. Since 2009, Washington-based AD Systems has created innovative sliding door systems for all kinds of institutions.

AD Systems’ specialty is sliding barn doors, an elegant style that also offers superior reliability. In fact, their doors’ high-performance feature-set quickly became the gold standard:

  • Top-hung with durable rollers for low-maintenance operation
  • Superior privacy protection thanks to its flush design and acoustic baffle
  • Saves up to 30 square feet of space vs. a traditional swinging door
  • Accessible design makes cleaning a snap
  • Large variety of available hardware options
  • Soft-close technology prevents slamming

Soon, hospitals and clinics started to express interest in AD Systems’ doors. Thus, the company took the opportunity to design a new door to address the challenges of the medical field. In fact, they made a concerted effort to include healthcare facility architects in the design phase. That’s how the ExamSlide came to be!

Hospital Doors Designed for Peak Performance

The ExamSlide is the first sliding barn door designed specifically for healthcare facilities. When patient outcomes are at stake, every detail is important. That’s why, in addition to the standard AD Systems feature set, the ExamSlide goes further:

  • Comes standard with our patent-pending four-sided acoustic seal for extra privacy protection.
  • Lack of exposed floor track makes it easy to get carts or wheelchairs in or out
  • They are available with sidelite or glass-front options.
  • Extensive hardware choices include flush pulls and keycard readers.
  • Doors are ADA-compliant and easily accessible by those with all levels of ability.

The new medical doors proved to be a strong success. From Utah’s Mountain View Hospital to Seattle’s Everett Clinic, cutting-edge healthcare institutions adopted the ExamSlide. AD Systems’ project gallery has even more examples of how the ExamSlide provides an exceptional package of aesthetics and functionality.

Therefore, if you’re an architect, designer, or facility owner in the healthcare field, the ExamSlide has a lot to offer. Ready to find out more about how these high-performance hospital doors can enhance your facility? Today, start by discussing your project with one of their technicians. You can reach AD Systems by phone at 425-374-1360 or use their online contact form.