glass office doors Glass office doors are a beneficial solution to dividing space in a workplace and have continued to grow more popular in contemporary construction. Introducing these door systems to an office layout will make it stand out as modern and stylish. They have the ability to transform any corporate environment into a bright, airy space that employees, business owners, and visitors will appreciate. There are many key advantages to using glass in commercial interior design. Here are some of the top reasons glass office doors add value to a project:

Encourage Transparency

It’s becoming more common for business owners to favor open floor plans that eliminate the separation of employees. This encourages more teamwork and collaboration while increasing the transparency of an office setting. In turn, employees tend to be more focused on their tasks at hand and make better use of their time, leading to more efficiency and productivity. Subsequently, this also helps to boost a company’s bottom line.

Create an Effective Sound Barrier

Contrary to what some believe, glass does not make it easier for noise to travel through an environment. Glass office doors can actually an effective sound barrier that can reduce noise pollution considerably when made with high-grade materials such as acoustic laminated glass that is installed correctly.

Support Eco-Friendly Initiatives

An increasing number of corporate offices are falling in line with the trend to create more sustainable environments. Glass is the perfect material for architects and builders to use on projects that are designed to support eco-friendly initiatives. It is made from natural and recycled sources and is completely recyclable itself. In addition, replacing solid wood door systems with glass doors allow natural sunlight to shine into a building’s interior, minimizing the need for artificial lighting and cutting down on energy consumption.

Promote a Healthier Workplace

By providing a building with natural light, glass office doors help to promote healthier workplaces, as well. Studies have shown that having more sunlight filter into a professional setting has been linked to fewer sick days among employees, better quality of sleep, an enhancement in mood, and an overall improved quality of life. Glass door systems are also easy to clean, which decreases the amount of germ transfer in an office.

AD Systems Supplies Glass Office Doors to Projects Worldwide

AD Systems has been an established supplier of high quality glass office doors since 2009. The company specializes in interior door solutions that are suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. Their knowledgeable and experienced team of industry professionals works with architects, builders, and facility managers all over the world to provide door systems that fit the unique specifications of each client’s project. They have a large selection of products to offer, which can be configured to meet any type of aesthetic and performance requirement. With so many options available, AD Systems can be counted on to have glass doors that are just right for any commercial construction or renovation job.