glass office doorsOffice designs have come a long way in the 21st century from what they once looked like decades ago. Commercial building owners are no longer solely focused on going the cheapest and most efficient route when pursuing new developments and renovations. They are now looking for ways to incorporate those elements into a building design that also promotes comfort and appeal. With employee satisfaction playing a larger part than ever in workplace construction, architects and designers are seeing a growing trend that involves open floor plans. The installation of glass office doors has given these professionals the ability to master the challenge of finding the perfect balance between transparency and privacy.

AD Systems offers numerous high quality barn door systems to help fulfill this increasingly popular vision that companies have of creating more open work environments. Many architects and designers are choosing sliding glass office doors over traditional swinging doors. This allows them to add a beautiful, one-of-a-kind feature to a commercial space, while improving functionality at the same time.

The Move Towards Transparent Workspaces

Conventional workspace designs have typically consisted of rows upon rows of individual offices or blocked-off cubicles, where employees are relegated to their own small areas each day. However, there has been a determined shift taking place in the construction of office layouts favoring the creation of an open work environment that advocates teamwork and sparks more creativity in an open space. Glass office doors continue to foster the transparency concept, but also allow for separation as it’s needed for private offices, teaming rooms, phone rooms or other areas where separation and privacy are important. With contemporary design techniques that offer a more accessible setting, employees are found to be happier, which in turn, positively impacts their productivity and performance. Communication is revitalized and everyone can feel more connected to one another, boosting company morale.

Acoustic Benefits of Glass Office Doors

The main benefit of incorporating glass office doors into designs is that it maintains visibility and a sense of camaraderie throughout the office while preserving privacy. There may be times when employees require a little extra peace and quiet to get a project done or when clients request a private meeting. There is also the issue of human resource confidentiality that must be taken into consideration. In each of these scenarios, glass office doors present a solution that offers companies the opportunity to remain as open or closed as they wish.

The sliding door products from AD Systems are built with acoustic performance in mind. Perimeter gaps have been addressed during the design and production process, and architects and designers are also given the option to add special acoustic seals to further eliminate privacy concerns. Laminated glass is typically used to ensure acoustic performance.

AD Systems is a worldwide leader in delivering top-of-the-line sliding door systems that have been uniquely designed to give architects and designers the products they need to enhance their commercial construction projects. When it comes to modern glass office doors, there is no place else to turn. We have a variety of styles, finishes, and glazing options to choose from and can suitably match any preference.