glass barn doorsGlass office doors are an ever-rising trend in interior office space and conference areas. Coupled with technological advances, you can maintain privacy while still creating a natural feel. However, it’s critical to choose the right systems to reap multiple benefits. Therefore, AD Systems put together a list to ensure you choose the best design and options for your needs.

Top Three Factors to Consider for Glass Office Doors

As you debate the best fit, you may wonder why interior sliding glass office doors are best. While there are many reasons, here are the top three factors to consider.

1. Create Versatile Spaces.

  • In an office environment, the need for a collaborative space is crucial. While each employee easily does work in their office area, you also need interior space to meet and share efforts. Typically, a conference room-type environment achieves this goal. Although, setting aside a dedicated room often takes up valuable space. When no one is actively meeting in it, the vacancy is costly. Ultimately, incorporating  systems into your design that make these spaces flexible is wise.
  • The frame systems of sliding glass doors run along the wall; architects design them to allow for open areas. Conversely, they easily close to create smaller sections when necessary. Better yet, they still blend within the overall environment and ambience of your office space.

2.Save space and money

  • Sliding doors save valuable floor space because they do not require a swing path. This allows for much more efficient layouts and usage in all types of rooms, but particularly small rooms like collaboration spaces or private offices. By making better utilization of available floor space, owners can see significant ROI.

3. Enhance well-being and design

  • Studies indicate that natural light heightens the health and morale of staff and clients. In fact, the desire for natural light outranks perks such as fitness centers and onsite cafeterias. Not only does the refreshing glow enhance mood and improve workers’ frame of mind, but it reduces fatigue. In turn, work production often rises. Using sliding glass systems allow designers to bring natural light deep into the core of buildings while also allowing for decorative customization such as frosted glass.

AD Systems Advances the List

While considering the benefits above, it’s also imperative to choose a company that boosts these advantages. AD Systems’ engineers diligently work to meet these goals and more. Precisely, this is why they created their OfficeSlide™ door systems. OfficeSlide combines the best performance features of sliding doors with design flexibility.

Since the ambiance of your facility matters, their design and hardware options include:

  • Fully customizable sizes and configurations
  • Single or bi-parting pairs of doors
  • Flush wood, aluminum or wood stile and rail doors
  • Locking and latching hardware options or card reader access
  • Automation

Furthermore, privacy is crucial. Especially, this is true in the banking and tech industries and legal firms. Often, business owners express concern over the gaps in the frame systems of swinging doors. AD Systems’ engineers conquered this issue by eliminating these perimeter gaps. Therefore, OfficeSlide doors have a tested Acoustical Performance up to NIC 39. This actually reduces office noise. Additionally, visual privacy is often essential. Consequently, you can choose from integral blinds, decorative glass or switchable privacy glass, or any other glazing infill up to 1” thick.

Moreover, practicality is fundamental in office spaces. Literally, you can write on OfficeSlide doors. From markerboards to other solid infill panels, their versatility enhances your work environment and productivity. Check out AD Systems’ portfolio to see some of the many configurations they have created for clients nationwide.

Finally, consider security. AD Systems’ doors provide ADA-compliant locking and latching hardware. Similarly, you can opt for key card access control to protect who enters certain office areas.  Finally, AD Systems also offers life safety in their UL 1784 smoke rated and UL 45 minute fire-rated product options.

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