glass office doorsIf you’ve ever worked in an office, you know space is tight and private matters don’t always remain private. However, overhearing conversations is hard to prevent when your office doors do little to block out sound. Therefore, if your glass office doors aren’t sufficiently blocking out noise, it may be time to upgrade. OfficeSlide™ is the sliding door system from AD Systems and the perfect solution for any commercial building.

Why Choose OfficeSlide For Your Office?

Any office or business can benefit from OfficeSlide. These are top-hung sliding doors that require little maintenance and are designed for performance. They have been engineered specifically for office use, with acoustic mitigation and ADA-compliant hardware options. Hence, with OfficeSlide, you’ll never have to squeeze your way around a swinging door again.

Additionally, a major economic consideration is the increase in usable floor space. Sliding doors eliminate the swing path of a traditional swing door and can have less required approach clearance.  This increases the available area for staff members, visitors, furniture or storage.

Besides being space-efficient, OfficeSlide is also available with many options. These include different styles, finishes and features. First, you’ll need to decide on single or bi-parting doors. Second, select your door’s size. Third, choose between a variety of material options: flush wood, aluminum or wood stile and rail doors. Finally, choose to add mechanical locks, access control, decorative glass options and many other features such as smoke rated or even fire-rated product options.

With all of these choices, there are many configurations available. AD Systems’ technicians will guide you through the choices to determine the best solution for your particular needs. For some ideas, look through the gallery of projects to see some of their installations.

These Glass Office Doors Are Acoustically Superior

Whether you manage a hospital, law firm, bank, or tech company, privacy is key to a successful business. Therefore, you need glass office doors capable of blocking out sound. Since OfficeSlide is acoustically superior, private matters will stay private and you’ll never have to worry about information leakage again. Thus, you’ll be able to safely discuss confidential information in the comfort of your office. For more information on OfficeSlide’s acoustical performance, visit their resources page for exact product specifications. Today, begin the plan to upgrade your office by calling AD Systems at 425-374-1360.