glass office doorsAs businesses move away from cubicles and desk clusters in favor of more modern office space designs, architects and developers must find innovative ways to make professional settings more attractive and efficient. The days of isolating employees in their separate areas are coming to an end, and open floor plans are revitalizing the workplace. In turn, interior glass office doors have become an increasingly popular alternative to solid walls and entryways.

How Glass Doors Contribute to a Better Office Interior

Glass is a refreshing design element that can contribute great value to a workplace renovation or new construction project. Installing interior glass office doors provides the following benefits.

  • Contemporary, Elegant Appearance: Businesses are concerned with conveying the brand and presence through their spaces, and the image their workplace portrays will play a large part in how they are perceived by their clients and employees. The contemporary, elegant appearance of glass doors presents a clean, streamlined look that shows a business is in tune with the future. Glass is also a timeless material that will never go out of style, making it a good investment. Glass offers a very large variety of decorative options including graphics, colors and textures that personalize a space and can bring in a sense of energy and vitality, professionalism or communication with the outdoor environment as is desired on any given project.
  • Improved Teamwork & Communication: The openness of glass office doors fosters an environment that promotes teamwork and better communication among co-workers. Closed doors and walls put up barriers, whereas glass allows employees to be visible and more approachable to one another even when the door is closed. Selected areas of shading or privacy can be used to preserve a general sense of openness while balancing the right amount of security for workers.
  • Enhanced Atmosphere With Natural Light: Glass doors give office spaces the ability to maximize natural light during the daytime hours. This results in a more energized and positive atmosphere, lifting the moods of employees and motivating them to be more efficient. In addition, the presence of natural light cuts down on energy consumption and helps to decrease utility costs.
  • Increased Efficiency: In open plan environments, it is important certain areas be closed for privacy. Individual private offices, conference rooms, small team collaboration spaces and phone rooms are all areas where acoustical privacy is needed but there is often a desire for a limited amount of visual privacy so that others can see if the space is occupied. Using sliding doors for these often small spaces means the the most amount of floor space possible is used for funishings and equipment, not for accomodating the swing path of the door. This space efficency can lead to workplace efficiency: workers not hunting around for a meeting room or having to move out of the office to make a private phone call.

Why AD Systems is the Industry’s Leading Source for Glass Office Doors

AD Systems is proud to offer a full line of glass office doors that are superior in craftsmanship and quality. The company works closely with design professionals who specialize in the commercial sector to create beautiful and functional workplace settings. They can be counted on to meet the needs of any construction project, regardless of its unique requirements.

Doors are made of durable materials with ¼” – 1” glass options that will last for years to come and can be delivered aluminum, or wood with glass vision lite finishes. There are also a number of decorative glazing features and ADA-compliant hardware details available.