glass barn doors As architects and designers are challenged to find the perfect balance between meeting their clients’ desires and upholding all the stringent requirements that come with a medical architectural project, the implementation of glass barn doors is one solution they can rely on to meet everyone’s demands. Designed to improve the overall functionality and appeal of an environment, these door systems perform at a level far above traditional swing doors.

The professionals at AD Systems help architects and designers meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other types of medical facilities by providing cutting-edge sliding door systems. The unmatched combination of high quality materials, precise construction, and innovative features make their products ideal for healthcare institutions. Below are a few unique benefits of incorporating interior glass barn doors into medical construction or renovation plans.

Decreases Germs

Exam rooms in hospitals and other medical facilities are often separated by a curtain. At first glance it may not seem like there’s anything wrong with this, but the reality is that curtains hanging between patient rooms are likely to become contaminated with germs even though they may look to be clean. By eliminating the surface on which bacteria is harbored and installing glass barn doors instead, healthcare environments can significantly decrease the spread of infection. Adding translucent glazing, integral blinds or switchable privacy glass will ensure visual privacy remains intact at all times.

Promotes Natural Light

It’s common for medical facilities to lack any source of natural light, particularly when conventional flush hinged doors are installed. However, this instantly changes with the application of glass barn doors. With daylight no longer being hindered from shining through a building and reaching the areas where patients and staff members are, the mood of the environment can be expected to change for the better. Coming into contact with natural light promotes tranquility, having a positive affect on both the productivity of healthcare personnel and patient recovery. The use of transoms and sidelites can further enhance daylight’s penetration into a space.

Maintains a Visual Connection

While patients are waiting to see a healthcare professional or recovering in a room from a procedure or illness, glass barn doors make it easy for them to be consistently monitored by nurses and other medical practitioners. The door can be closed to preserve privacy and quietness, but the glass enables a visual connection to be maintained. This is essential in case treatment needs to be administered quickly. Integral blinds or switchable glazing allow for discreet monitoring of patients as is often required.

Find Top-of-the-Line Glass Barn Doors With AD Systems

AD Systems is pleased to offer a full line of glass barn doors, giving architects and designers a range of choices for how to incorporate glazing into their barn doors. AD Systems’ products are available for a variety of commercial applications, all showcasing superior workmanship and revolutionary technology.