glass barn doorsBalancing design, code, budget and client priorities is a challenge for any commercial project. Although each feature incorporated into a layout serves an important purpose, one element that’s especially vital to the function and aesthetic of an environment is its interior doors. While swing doors may be the traditional choice, it doesn’t necessarily make them the best option for every space. There is increasing recognition among design experts that glass barn doors have several advantages over the typical flush hinged door alternative. As such, the installation of sliding door systems has continued to progress in the commercial sector.

When it comes to finding the highest quality glass barn doors, architects and designers know they can trust AD Systems to deliver. The company specializes in sliding door systems that offer optimal performance and style.

Benefits of Interior Glass Barn Doors From AD Systems

Here are some of the most significant ways AD Systems’ sliding glass doors will add value to a commercial construction project.

  • Versatility in Application: Sliding door systems can be used in a broad range of commercial applications. In particular, office spaces and healthcare institutions benefit greatly from interior glass doors where open floor plans are becoming more desirable and there is a need to create small private spaces (like exam rooms, private offices or phone rooms) that are, in fact, private. It is essential that many of these spaces accommodate the requirements for a high level of acoustic isolation and ADA compliance.
  • Contemporary, Sleek Design: Glass barn doors can instantly transform a space with their contemporary and sleek design. AD Systems offers a large selection of finishes, materials, and hardware options to ensure each system perfectly complements the architectural design of a setting. These doors not only have a timeless elegance that will make a space more attractive and inviting, but they also show a business or facility to be up to date with cutting-edge technology.
  • Admit More Natural Light: With glass doors, extra natural light is allowed to flow freely throughout a building. This helps to boost the mood of an environment, leading to more positivity and productivity. In medical facilities, it can lead to quicker patient recovery. An additional bonus of natural light is that it cuts down on energy consumption, reducing carbon footprints and electricity expenses.
  • Cost-Effective Investment: AD Systems’ glass barn doors are manufactured with nothing short of top-of-the-line materials and skilled workmanship. This means they can be counted on to last for years to come. They also give architects and designers the opportunity to maximize space, which is crucial considering every square foot is valuable in commercial design.Up to 30 square feet can be saved for every swinging door replaced with a sliding door.
  • Accessibility: Sliding doors by AD Systems are designed to be ADA compliant for operating force and the clear opening dimension and handle clearances. There are no exposed tracks or thresholds required. AD Systems offers a range of ADA compliant hardware solutions including sliding door locks, self-latching hardware, card readers and full automation.

AD Systems is the Superior Choice for Sliding Glass Doors

AD Systems is a e leader in supplying state-of-the-art sliding glass barn doors. All of their products are innovatively designed with the most advanced technology to enhance any commercial construction project. The company’s door systems provide architects and designers with just the solution they need to create fully functional and highly appealing spaces.