Interior glass barn doors have a way of instantly transforming the look and feel of an environment. They create a seamless transition from space to space with effortless operation. This is what has made them the ideal choice for commercial design. Architects, designers, and facility managers have a growing appreciation for all the advantages sliding glass door systems have over other options.

Reasons to Select Glass Barn Doors for Commercial Applications

Glass barn doors complement the desire for a more contemporary design and provide professional settings with an open and transparent ambiance. There are a number of reasons to install these door systems over traditional swing doors, as outlined below.

  • glass barn doorsSpace: Square footage is one of the most valuable assets of a commercial building. Businesses require sufficient surface area in order to store all of the equipment and furniture that’s needed to operate at maximum efficiency. With each swing door that is installed, the amount of usable floor space is dramatically cut down. In contrast, glass barn door systems are top-hung and slide along the wall, allowing for up to 30 square feet of saved space. In addition, glass will give the illusion of a bigger and more spacious environment.
  • Acoustics: Glass barn doors by AD Systems can also provide good acoustical value compared to other barn door options. When aluminum stile and rail doors with full glass lites are specified, you can get the full benefit of AD Systems high performance system design that provides better sound isolation within patient rooms, conference rooms, and private offices to keep conversations confidential. When acoustics are a concern, AD Systems strongly recommends specifying laminated glass products to optimize performance.
  • Light: One of the biggest benefits of glass doors is the natural light they allow to shine throughout a building. This is a major mood booster and stress reliever and offers the “visual communication” that makes occupants feel connected, even when spaces are separated. With quality design that incorporates glass partitions and doors, employees can feel more motivated to accomplish their tasks, and patients will feel more optimistic about regaining their health. In addition, the increase in natural light means a decrease in energy consumption, lowering bills and reducing a facility’s carbon footprint. Using decorative films or areas of translucency can help balance the need for transparency and privacy.
  • Appearance: Glass barn doors are unsurpassed in style. They are elegant and fit well into any décor, especially since there are several glazing and decorative glass options to make doors unique in appearance. Glass is a timeless material that has the ability to make a statement in any application.

Why AD Systems is the Leading Source for Glass Barn Doors

The glass barn doors supplied by AD Systems offer architects and designers an ideal solution for optimizing the function and appeal of interior commercial spaces. They are suitable for both new construction and renovation projects spanning a variety of sectors. The company’s door systems are set apart by their innovation, quality craftsmanship, and elegant aesthetics. They are also built to last well into the future, making them a cost-effective investment. No matter the design requirements of a specific job, AD Systems can be counted on to deliver products that will match the criteria and exceed the expectations.