glass barn doors interiorEverett, Washington-based AD Systems seeks to help their customers achieve through innovative products. Their sliding door systems offer significant advantages in crafting more functional spaces, particularly their glass barn doors interior packages.

These elegant and functional doors create light-filled spaces to see what matters. And AD Systems manufactures them to the highest standards of quality to ensure their endurance for years of service in a variety of settings.

AD Systems’ Sliding Barn Doors: Fast Facts

AD Systems began selling their groundbreaking “interior storefront” packages in 2009 that were designed to specifically address the shortcomings of typical sliding doors, and demand quickly increased. Their high-performance doors offer a variety of advantages:

  • Up to 30 square feet in space savings when compared to swing doors
  • Doors feature durable top-hung roller systems that are easy to maintain and clean, requiring no floor tracks
  • Soft-close technology prevents slamming.
  • Abundant hardware options available, including keycard readers, flush pulls, and custom finishes.
  • Engineered for acoustic performance

As we’ll see, glass barn doors offer many unique aesthetic and functional advantages beyond the original AD Systems concept.

Glass Barn Doors Interior Designs for the Office

The OfficeSlide™ is AD Systems’ corporate concept that brings the efficiency and elegance of sliding barn doors to the modern office. The OfficeSlide is available with full or partial glass front panels and up to an inch of privacy glazing.

  • Multiple studies say that natural light in a workplace makes employees happier and more productive.
  • Contemporary office plans have moved on from the “cubicle farms” of decades past. Up-to-date offices need an atmosphere of transparency, trust, and openness. Glass doors and natural light tell employees (and clients) that they have the right to know what goes on.
  • Simultaneously, confidentiality is still vital. The flush design of barn doors reduces distracting noise and sound leakage that can jeopardize confidentiality. Decorative or frosted glass, integral blinds or switchable glazing can be integrated to bring elements of visual privacy into the space as well.

AD Systems’ project gallery offers a small taste of what the OfficeSlide can do. Clients like Coastal Community Bank have seen great results, reporting increased employee satisfaction from high ambient light levels.

Glass Barn Doors for the Clinic

The modern medical office is a demanding environment for doors. AD Systems designed their ExamSlide™ doors to meet the challenge:

  • Natural light is just as vital in a medical setting. One study concludes that “Adequate and appropriate exposure to light is critical for health and well-being of patients.”
  • Opening dimensions and clearances are design for ADA compliance
  • Easy-to-clean design facilitates proper infection control
  • A range of sound attenuation and locking features assures speech privacy and physical security

As an example, Puyallup’s innovative Group Health Cooperative center makes great use of the ExamSlide.

AD Systems offers options for a free quote on their website, or reach them by phone at 425-374-1360.