barn door systemInterior commercial barn doors have garnered a great deal of attention from the construction and design industries in recent years, and for good reason. Installing a barn door system has proven to boost the functionality and appeal of all types of professional environments. Whether solid or glass, sliding doors provide a unique and modern design element to any space. And above all else, the maximize the owner’s investment in

When it comes to choosing the right barn door system for a specific project, architects and designers look to AD Systems for quality craftsmanship and unmatched customer service. The company is widely acknowledged as a leading supplier of sliding door products for the commercial and healthcare markets and is proud to be a top contributor to the changing dynamic of corporate office and healthcare facility design.

How AD Systems’ Barn Doors Have Revolutionized Commercial Design

The barn doors provided by AD Systems feature advanced technology and superior innovation. They are specially designed to meet the stringent guidelines associated with construction for the commercial sector. Because of this, they address a number of challenges architects and designers come across when creating designs for professional environments.

  • Space: A major advantage to installing a barn door system is the minimum amount of space it will utilize when gliding along the wall in operation. In comparison, standard hinged doors require that quite a bit of square footage be left open to accommodate their wide swinging motion an approach clearances. As a result, premium space is used less efficiently in professional settings and an establishment’s cost-effectiveness is reduced. Barn doors can save up to 25-30 feet of space for each door.
  • Versatility: One of the biggest reasons architects and designers favor barn doors is because of their versatility. This allows them to be utilized in a variety of commercial construction projects, regardless of the size and style requirements. AD Systems offers a broad selection of finishes, materials, glazing, and hardware to choose from. With this flexibility, barn doors are able to add more aesthetic value to a space than traditional swinging doors can.
  • Acoustics: Acoustics play a significant role in the overall comfort, privacy, and productivity of a professional setting. Doors with poor acoustic performance make it difficult for employees to concentrate on their work, for hospital patients to get the rest and relaxation they need to recover, and to keep confidential conversations from leaking out of a room. AD Systems has made acoustic mitigation a top priority in their barn door products. A patent-pending seal is applied to all four sides of the door system to improve sound isolation and eliminate perimeter gaps.

Barn Door System Options That Create State-of-the-Art Environments

AD Systems is committed to supplying sliding doors that meet and exceed the expectations of the commercial market. The company understands the kind of barn door system options it takes to create the most functional and aesthetically pleasing professional environments. When they work with AD Systems, architects and designers know they can have confidence in the finished product.