collaborative work space ideasIn previous decades, most office buildings consisted of sprawling complexes filled with segmented cubicles. As office spaces have evolved, however, managers and workers alike have gravitated toward more open concepts. These newer designs are more attractive to clients and more appealing to employees. Gone are the banks of fluorescent lights that drown a pool of indistinguishable small spaces. One of the key features of the modern work environment is collaboration. If you’re an architect or building manager looking for collaborative work space ideas for your office, look no further. AD Systems offers sliding door solutions that facilitate collaboration and productivity for employees.

As a reminder, all sliding doors can save up to 30 square feet per doorway versus swinging doors. With today’s prices, every square foot is valuable. In order to produce the best ROI possible, you must utilize every available bit of floor space.

The Destination for Collaborative Work Space Ideas

Today, collaborative spaces are practically a necessity. Smaller conference rooms are adaptable and can offer both privacy and openness depending on the occasion. But it takes the right setup to maximize the benefits of this open concept. AD Systems has sliding door solutions to fit all manner of collaborative work space ideas for any type of office.

The OfficeSlide™ is the commercial offering from AD Systems. Combining performance features with greater design flexibility, the OfficeSlide is perfect for a wide range of office styles. For smaller collaborative work spaces, the OfficeSlide is ideal. Also, consider the OfficeSlide for private offices, conference rooms, and other spaces. Best of all, the OfficeSlide offers many options in both materials and hardware. Therefore, from frosted glass to key-card access for further security, the doors can fulfill both functional and aesthetic requirements.

AD Systems’ InsetSlide™ offers the best of both worlds. Combining the best performance features of sliding doors with greater design flexibility, the InsetSlide is perfect for offices. Have a collaborative work space that stands out both to employees and customers. It is perfect for small conference rooms with capacities of 15 and under. This system saves space by sliding inside the wall, rather than on the outside of the wall. It is low maintenance, due to the top-hung roller design. The InsetSlide offers soundproofing and privacy settings so it can be as private as your needs dictate. And, with the soft-close dampening system, you can have even more privacy for distraction-free collaboration.