fire rated sliding door systemModern office spaces and medical complexes seek to combine pleasant aesthetics with functionality. But, even more important are the safety features that keep occupants safe. One of the most common threats to large buildings is fire. Fires can occur quickly and relatively easily so compartmentalizing and providing occupants with a safe path of egress is very important. Fortunately, there is now an option of adding a fire-rated sliding door system to your life safety design tools. AD Systems has just introduced a new 45-minute fire-rated flush wood door system. Known for their superior sliding door systems, AD Systems now offers fire safety in products that incorporate the quality their clients expect.

Benefits of a Fire Rated Sliding Door System

There are so many terms related to fire safety that it can become confusing trying to determine the important elements. The fire rated sliding door system from AD Systems uses the latest safety techniques required for optimal protection. So, what does “fire rated” mean exactly? Most simply, it means that doors can withstand a standard fire resistance test for a set period of time. Typical ratings last anywhere from half an hour to multiple hours. The new system from AD Systems is rated for 45 minutes, a commonly occurring requirement in corridors of many occupancy types. These new fire-rated sliding door systems offer self-closing and self-latching hardware to address those aspects of code compliance. With sizes up to a 40-3/4″ x 7’0 clear opening and a range of natural wood and decorative laminates and coordinating non-rated systems available, these new fire-rated sliding doors also address designers needs for customization and high-quality interior finishes.

Quality You Expect from AD Systems

AD Systems’ engineers have always designed products for better performance, functionality, and compliance with safety regulations. The company began in 2009 with a design for an interior sliding door with acoustical mitigation and space savings. The company is continually evolving as one of the top suppliers for facilities looking for high-quality sliding door solutions. Today, facility owners and architects trust AD Systems for fire safety due to their legacy of commitment to quality. Give them a call today at 425-374-1360 for more information. Or, discuss your project with an expert and obtain a free quote.