fire rated sliding doorAD Systems has a new option available to designers, architects or facility owners interested in fire rated sliding door options. FireSlide doors join AD Systems’ ExamSlideTM and OfficeSlide™ line-up of door systems. Because FireSlide doors have a 45-minute fire rating, they make any office or healthcare facility safer.

What Are Fire-Rated Doors?

With fire-rated doors, vigorous testing ensures that the doors will protect openings in the event of a fire situation and impede the spread of flame and smoke. This allows building occupants to safely evacuate. FireSlide doors provide 45 minutes of protection.

At this time, AD Systems’ FireSlide(TM) is available with flush wood or laminate door leaves. In addition, as per code requirements, these fire-rated doors have a self-closing and self-latching (positive latching) functionality.  FireSlide also includes standard soft closers for everyday ease of use.

FireSlide doors are single leaf doors up to a 40-3/4″ clear opening.

To ensure that you up to the minute on the latest product offerings, check with AD Systems team to review your project requirements.

Common Misconceptions about Fire Rated Sliding Door Systems

Before deciding what kind of doors to use, it is important to understand a few fire- rated door misconceptions.

  • Fire rated doors can’t offer good aesthetics

At one time, fire rated sliding door options were not visually appealing. However, this is no longer the case. Fire-rated doors do not have to be ugly to be functional. In fact, FireSlide doors have a modern look with a variety of finishing options. AD Systems provides options to match the style of your office for both the door frame and the door itself.

  • Do fire-rated doors protect a building or office?

Yes, to the extent of the rating, which with FireSlide is 45 minutes as tested with an independent testing agency.

  • Can’t sprinklers do the same thing?

While sprinklers certainly are a great way to protect a facility during a fire, doors provide another level of safety because the offer passive fire protection. Sadly, sprinklers can malfunction when needed most. If, somehow, a fire compromises the sprinkler system, a fire-rated door provides extra protection. In short, sprinklers and fire-rated doors work best when used together.

This resource has some relevant information about fire ratings.

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