sliding barn doors Creating and implementing construction plans for the commercial market requires precision and a solid commitment to quality. The architects and designers in charge of these projects are frequently faced with the challenge of meeting strict guidelines that affect every little detail of their designs. However, working with AD Systems provides the perfect solution when it comes to commercial sliding door applications. The company supplies innovative sliding barn doors that are manufactured to encompass a range of functional and aesthetic features that traditional swinging doors can’t match. Below are some of the most significant highlights of sliding barn door systems.


Acoustic performance is a top concern in commercial projects, especially when it comes to medical facilities and office environments. Doors with high Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings are not only desirable but also necessary in these types of settings. Good acoustics is one characteristic of AD Systems’ sliding barn doors that make them the ideal solution for professional layouts and very different from more typical sliding door solutions. The better a door is able to restrict the movement of sounds flowing in and out of an area, the better suited it is to provide a good deal of privacy and silence.

When incorporating doors into healthcare establishments, this is a critical factor for architects and designers to think about because it directly relates to patient confidentiality requirements as well as patient comfort. It is a patient’s basic right to communicate in confidence with the team of medical professionals that is caring for them. Noise reduction is also vital to a patient’s overall wellbeing. Doors with high levels of acoustic mitigation give patients the peace of mind to speak freely about their health conditions and eliminate loud sounds that can cause discomfort and inhibit the recovery process.

In work environments where efficiency and productivity are of the utmost importance, architects and designers must keep in mind that doors play a large role in employees’ abilities to live up to their job expectations. Oftentimes, acoustics determines whether or not an employee can execute their assignments without the constant distraction of a typical office atmosphere.


Safety is another issue of great priority in the commercial sector. Any facility that is intended for public use must incorporate a number of safety precautions in their construction. The sliding barn doors offered by AD Systems help considerably to protect people from injury and distress. Sliding door systems are produced with soft close technology that prevents them from slamming shut on fingers, and the top-hung design gets rid of floor tracks that present tripping hazards. In addition, all models and hardware are ADA compliant to ensure that anyone has the ability to pass through doorways with ease, even with the aid of an assistive medical device.

Appeal with AD System’s Sliding Barn Doors

Doors can add to or detract from the appeal of a professional environment just like any other design element. This is essential to remember when configuring healthcare and office spaces because aesthetics has an influential part in determining how patients and potential customers regard an establishment. The contemporary style of sliding barn doors will complement the architectural arrangement of any doctor office, clinic, hospital, or corporate culture and do away with the bland, uniform look of conventional hinged doors. With AD Systems, architects and designers are given the opportunity to choose from a broad line of products that includes standard sliding barn door systems, as well as customized finish, glass, glazing, and hardware options.

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